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Just wanted to share my experience of shooting dove in Argentina in case any one is on the fence about wanting to go. If you enjoy shooting a shotgun, like I very much have from a young age, you need to make a point to go to Argentina. I simply can't put into words the amount of birds.

My wife & I and a good friend had thrown the idea around for a year or so and finally decided to do it this spring. We checked into lots of outfitters but after too many adult beverages at a Ducks Unlimited I bought a hunt during the live auction. I did do a little research before pulling the trigger and the outfitter was comparable in price and accommodations.

We were to hunt with Maers & Goldman and quickly got our 4 day hunt booked for early May. To say I was excited was a huge understatement. I watched tons of YouTube videos and looked at pictures for hours, but nothing could prepare me for how many birds we'd see.

The day finally came, April 30th, to fly out of Dallas to Miami and then to Cordoba. Well thanks to American delaying our flight 3 hours, we missed our flight to Cordoba. So we had to stay a night in Miami, and got on the same 640 pm flight to Cordoba Sunday.

Even after all the travel mess & losing 24hrs of the hunt, we still had good spirits. After a 2hr drive from the Cordoba airport, we arrived at the lodge around 8. As soon as we stepped out of the van, Junior Maers asked if we'd like to go hunting that morning, well hell yeah we do! So we ate a quick breakfast and immediately headed towards the junction of a cut milo and standing corn fields. I won't bore y'all with the numbers from every hunt, but it's safe to say from that first morning hunt to the afternoon shoot around a roost and then doing it all again the following day and the next morning our expectations were completely blown away!

There ended up being four of us that made the trip, and in 2.5 days of hunting we killed right at 5,000 dove/parakeets/pigeons. And we weren't going just balls to the wall, we were picking our shots and going for a high percentage rather than total numbers. The amount of dove in the fields and coming to the roost was just unbelievable.

My wife would go back tomorrow if I'd agree to it! But it will probably be 2018 before we actually get to go back, but I can promise you we will be back. Like I said before, if you like wing shooting you owe it to yourself to get down there. We were absolutely impressed with Maers & Goldman and would more than likely go back thru them. Great customer service from first contact to the last.
I want to shoot parkeets bad, I have seen some flocks flying down in Miami and thought wow they fly like doves! Sounds like you had a blast. Thanks for the report.
Great report. Looks like you had a lot of fun.
When you shoot a pile of birds like these folks did I suspect an addiction occurs. Maybe wanting to go back next year and the year after and.....

Oh my sounds like hunting in Africa......another sickness to contend with....
Must not give into the temptation!!,
Thanks for the hunt report! It's been on the dream hunt list for a while!!!

I think it would be great to do a AH hunt in Argentina, bird hunting!:cool:
@Ross Reamy Thanks for sharing your hunt report! Sounds like great fun.
A mate of mine who is in his seventies and an absolute shotgun nut has been there twice in the last few years .
He raved about the people the shooting the hospitality for months after the first trip .
After the second trip I asked him how it went ?
He smiled at me like a bloody kid in a lolly shop and said it was better than the first trip !
It is now on my must do list .
One day !!!
great report! went with a group to maers & goldman in october 2015. great hunt, nice accommodations - food was extraordinary. very enjoyable trip for the shotgunner. unbelievable amount of dove in the fields - they just keep coming. next to last day, shot 1,000+ birds for the $24.95 cap with their camp logo on it :)
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