Are Neck Shots Preferred Than Broadside Shot To Prevent The Damage Of The Meat?

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Mar 1, 2020
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I was told from one of the deer processor that neck shots are preferred than broadside shot to prevent the damage of the meat. What is your preferred shot?
While I have broken a few necks, mostly because it was the shot that was available at the time, it isn't my preferred shot. The spine is a narrow, flexible target. A near miss can lead to a wounded and lost animal. My grandfather used to tell a story about being fishing. A big buck came down and tried to drink. His jaw had been shot off by someone that had tried a high neck or head shot. A couple of inches off and you have a horror show.
A couple of years ago, A couple of years ago three friends and I went on a moose hunt in BC. One of the guys saw a good bull and shot him in the neck. The bull staggered, my friend thought he would go down, but then he charged off into the brush and trees. We never recovered him.
A well constructed bullet of an adequate caliber through the heart/lung area always results in a dead animal. Nothing lives very long without those two organs working, and even if you miss the heart itself, A big hole through the lungs is still effective. The cartridge and bullet should be able to penetrate the shoulder if you should hit it, and he will still go down.


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Feb 20, 2019
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An ostrich neck shot would be when you are really comfortable with windage, but not so sure if you're shooting high or low. Hell, you've got a couple feet worth of bullet drop without an issue! LMAO
I have made a neck shot on an Emu, this was a long time ago in Oklahoma. Was deer hunting with some friends, an Emu got out and we could not catch it. Buddy said shoot the damn thing. So I did, it was 170 yards.

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