Anyone hunting Huntershill before May 6th


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May 7, 2018
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So the flights we booked go through Amsterdam and I recently found out that I can't take broadheads through that airport. I am planning on shipping my broadheads but I certainly trust other hunters to get them there over the SA postal service. I wanted to check here to see if any US hunters are hunting Huntershill before I arrive and wouldn't mind me shipping these broadheads to you and taking them over with you?

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Ask Huntershill to buy you some braodheads here in SA?

What are you using?
Magnus Black Hornet 125 gr. I wasn’t sure if they carried them over there?

Thanks for the suggestion
If you find no other option DO NOT USE THE POSTAL SERVICE.
Pay for a courier.
Is that because it takes a long time or things go missing frequently?
Is that because it takes a long time or things go missing frequently?

Baggage pilferers at OR Tambo are only in training for the good jobs at the post office.
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Point taken! I just saw that I can purchase my BHs on Amazon and have them shipped to South Africa for a reasonable price (the quotes I got from DHL were absurd for such a small package). I am still trying to figure the logistics of this out but I am assuming it would be shipped via courier and guaranteed. Has anyone had anything shipped to SA via amazon with good success?
I buy quite a bit on Amazon. Haven’t had any issues.

Most packages shipped with Aramex.

Use them for all my shipping.
Hello Ryan,

I'll be with Huntershill from April 25th through May 6th. Shoot me a message if you decide not to buy and have them shipped there, be glad to help out.
If for any reason TXhunter65 has a change in plans, I'm in the process of planning another trip to Huntershill, and would gladly help you out! Not sure about shipping costscos Canada, but I could buy them and you just e-transfer. That way you'd still on shipping as well. Just a thought. Maybe TX could do that as well?
Have you been to Huntershill before?
Thanks! I will certainly take you up on the offer if plans change! This will be my first time to Huntershill and first time to SA.

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