Anyone hunting Huntershill after May 16th


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May 7, 2018
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So I posted an earlier thread stating that I found out after I booked my airfare that I cannot take broadheads through Amsterdam (apparently they are far more lethal than the guns they allow to be transported through). Thanks to generosity of a fellow AHer (TXHunter65), my BHs will be getting there shortly before I arrive. I didn't even think about trying to get them back but figured I would reach out to see if anyone hunting Huntershill that resides in the US would be interested in transporting them back and shipping em to me. Of course I would leave money in the broadhead container to cover the shipping costs. I will also discuss with the owner about having them shipped from SA but I have heard about some reliability issues regarding SA shipping options.
There are international couriers that will do the job.

eg. DHL.
Thanks for advice. While I will trust a fellow hunter over any courier, I will use that option if need be.

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2 more jackal , one was a big male!

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