Anyone going to the NRA annual meetings in Dallas?


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Dec 18, 2021
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Is anyone else going to this? Would like to meet some fellow AH members of you are.
Hoping to make it down there this weekend, but we'll see if the schedule allows.
Not until they get their act together. just me
I think they may have started to get their act together and this is coming from one of their strongest critics. (see, for example, my blog post from this morning).

Today, three of the four top positions went to reformers. While Bob Barr was elected President on a 37-30 vote, both Bill Bachenberg and Mark Vaughan from the reform slate were elected 1st and 2nd VPs respectively. Moreover, when it came to electing a new CEO/EVP, the reform candidate Doug Hamlin beat the Old Guard's Ronnie Barrett. Hamlin heads the publications division.

I fully expect that their outside attorney Bill Brewer who has cost them over $200 million to be fired sooner than later. He had demanded $20 million by today for "his fees" and got a good bit of it thanks to Wayne's crony who was the Interim EVP. He's now gone as of today.

The keys going forward will be who is named to what committee as well as to the Executive Council. They are still in session as I write hashing much of that out. The key committees will be Nominating, Audit, and Finance. If reformers can control those committees, I think you will see positive changes.


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Was surprised how thin the crowds were at the NRA show this past weekend…

It made for easier shopping and talking to vendors…

But it couldn’t have helped the NRA much in terms of new membership opportunities or renewals…
I look at it like I did years ago when my kids were playing sports. I had an issue with a coach and ended up talking with the league President. His advice - get involved to make a difference or just complain because nothing changes. I ended up becoming league President a few years later after getting involved, but did some of the largest projects to better the league that had ever been done in the 50+ years of it being around. I have carried that thought process with me and shared with many over the years since.

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