Any info on Larry Bryant- Fly fishing Kamchatka; Bear/moose/sheep

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Oct 14, 2015
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A friend (and trying to convince me :) is seriously considering a bear/moose hunt with this outfitter. There are NUMEROUS negative reports on the internet about the guy/outfit but my friend knows of 2 guys that did go and had good trips. I realize there can always be some neg internet chatter but this seems a little too much to overlook or explain away. Anyone from here ACTUALLY been or personally know of anyone that has dealt with him?
I just returned from a bear hunt in Kamchatka. The hunt was excellent as advertised. The bear hunting is much better than Alaska. I have never heard of the outfitter you noted but I hunted with a guy named Denny Geurink. Our group took 11 bears for 8 hunters. Despite having an interpreter travel with our group and prearranging all documents, the Russian system is outdated, backward and redundant. I found that you need a massive amount of patience when travelling before and after the hunt.
Larry arranged a bear hunt in Kamchatka for me and a friend back in May 2010. We both got 9ft+ bears. I was also a bit skeptical about booking due to the lower then average price at the time and the negative reports. You will always have something come up when hunting over there. Just have to roll with the punches. Overall we had a great hunt. Timing is everything when hunting bears in Kamchatka. We were originally told we could bring our bears home, come to find out they didn't have permits ready after the hunt. It took a bit of work getting all the kinks worked out to get our bears back but we did and all was well. Larry is now using Trophies R Us out of Moscow. Who we finally used to get them back. Great dealing with this company, did what they said and when they said. Just talked to him last week, he is trying to sell me on a Moose hunt in Siberia. Here I go again price is almost to good to be true.

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