Anti Malaria before Zimbabwe in June?

I have a cancellation hunt I just signed up for in Zim on somewhat short notice. Any suggestions on how to get a script for doxycycline without lengthy doctor processes? I'm not looking for a full workup, scheduling 3 months out, etc. I know it's not over the counter in the US but I'm looking for faster options.
Go to a travel clinic
I was able to use a Tele Doc online service to get the RX. Thanks.
Go to a travel clinic
I started with them but they wont prescribe anything other then vaccines. They give recommendations and then a doctor has to fill the script.
I got mine through a tele doc online in 5 min. They sent it to Walmart and I picked it up that night.
Just back from Togo. It has been a really wet rainy season. Mosquito numbers and malaria cases are high. Even though I don’t like to, I did take my malarone. I don’t ever want to get malaria again.

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Looking for shipping advice. I will be hunting in Limpopo in March, and was wanting to know a general idea of shipping costs to return my mounts to the US when completed. Air or sea? Only plains game hunting.
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You are welcome to join our family at Blaauwkrantz in February. We have been hosting international hunters since 1978 and known to be the best kudu hunting in the world! we are based on our 100 000 acre ranch, an hours drive from the Port Elizabeth airport. Please email me on
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Good morning 7MAG. I have a NEW, never mounted, Leupold M8-4X Extended Eye Relief scope that I will sell you for $325 shipped to you. I was a Leupold rep for 12 years and this was always our preferred mounting for a lever gun, scout rifle style.
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You’ve got an interesting screen name. Will the Thrill provided lots of great times for me as a lifelong Giants fan. Even though I never met him, a number of buddies either duck hunted or shared a dugout with him. He’s a great guy according to those guys. Cool screen name and if that’s your real name, it’s a great one.
in-between all the bush fire, hunting and work on the hunting area its hard to find time for fishing as well