Americase AT-3GUN Safari Case Special Run For

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There are many take-down cases available in the market today. You can find used americases on eBay, plus negrini, and many others.

I’ve always brought my doubles to Africa assembled and in the full-length case as my battery usually involved two magazine rifles and a double rifle. I’d rather not have to contend with multiple firearm cases as it confuses the airlines.

Others have asked a question via PM: “Can these cases hold rifles with scopes”. Yes, they can within normal reasonableness of objective size…but don’t do it. The things I’ve seen baggage handlers do suggest no weapon is safe with the extra weight of an optic attached. Your rifles should have QD scope mounts and your optics should be lovingly wrapped and in your carry-on at all times if you want them to be reliable on a hunt. No optic is designed for concussive forces applied in all directions, including the six random directions a baggage handler opts to throw a cube shaped case 10‘ off the plane onto a concrete tarmac.

But yes, they can handle scoped rifles in these cases and may god have mercy on your optics if you do it.
What’s the benefit of this case over a high end pelican that can handle a rifle with a scope with ease?
I’m in for one if I can have it no later than mid September.
I'm in for one.
What’s the benefit of this case over a high end pelican that can handle a rifle with a scope with ease?
For 2 rifles it's probably not that big of an issue. For 3 rifles it is a much bigger issue.

These are very well built and to be honest you may not get another opportunity to buy a new one again. I ended up with a SKB when I packed 3 rifles only because I could not find one of these. I looked everywhere including ebay with no luck at all.

I called my old contacts at Americase and had a lengthy discussion about a special one-time run of the very best safari rifle case ever made, the AT-3GUN rolling gun case. This case is designed to handle three unscoped magnum rifles and still come in under 70lbs, or hold two rifles and shooting sticks and come in under the coach 50lb limit. They feature bungee tie downs so you can strap your overweight carry-on bag on top with a baggage shelf to roll through the airports. When you get to Africa, they put them directly under the high seat in the back of the cruiser and the guys all stand on them all day without crushing your guns! I believe the empty weight of the case was 31lbs which has been sufficient for me to get a 470 double rifle and a 375HH, plus sticks in it and land under 50lbs every time. Of course, they can accommodate scoped rifles as well but its sort of at your own risk if you let baggage handlers throw around your optics so that's why I always use QD mounts

Americase has agreed to do a run for me. They are getting a quote for the aluminum at present and will offer a quotation based on me "holding the bag" for full payment at either quantity 10 or quantity 25. They will drop-ship the product directly from the Texas manufacturer to anyone in the lower-48 States with freight at actual cost.

I'll have Americase's quote by EOD.

The challenges of making this a go as I see it are as follows:

1.) I'm the bag man and need to front a substantial sum of money, I'll need to figure out how to obtain and coordinate all payments without getting burned on cancellations, etc.

2.) I need to coordinate with to determine if AH needs to be compensated with a cut to offer this to the members here.

3.) I need to determine how I will handle the variable costs of shipping per-buyer based on destination zip code.

This would be a labor of love for the group as the logistics of doing it and the financial peril for me to do the order. I'll try to figure out the answers to 1-2-3 above and I'll estimate costs to you shortly. Americase stated they'll have the quote to me by EOD.

If anyone would like to ask questions or express interest and quantity desired, please feel free to write below. While I don't have a way to predict costs until I get the quote, the price of aluminum has skyrocketed so its safe to assume these are in that ~$500 range each plus freight to your door.



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@rookhawk youre awesome for arranging this. Count me in for 1, maybe 2 depending on final cost.
@rookhawk thanks for going above and beyond in arranging this. I'm late to the travel with rifles game and have no experience with Americase except reading the comments in prior posts. Looks like 20+ are spoken for already, so put me in for one. I'll send PM also.
@kdenn I have owned one of the 2 gun cases for the last 5 years and it is the best case that I have ever owned. I have owned two other aluminum cases and two different plane style over the years and rate americase at the top.
@AZDAVE, that confirms everything i have read about these cases. Have couple Pelican but looking forward to adding the Americase. Thanks for the endorsement.
I am in. Leaving for Zim in two weeks until end of August, so let me know before 20th for funds please.
I am in. Leaving for Zim in two weeks until end of August, so let me know before 20th for funds please.

What’s on the menu in Zim?
Great idea and I’m in for one case. Almost bought one last year when they were selling off their last cases, but missed out. Thanks for organizing.
What’s on the menu in Zim?
The usual, elephant/buffalo, but at Nyakasanga which is supposed to be very nice and a bit rustic (tents instead of buildings). I did reserve one of the quotas on a Zebra as well. After two weeks there I head out to Zambia for a week with @spike.t looking for Sable and Lechwe.
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