Alberta Mule/Whitetail Combo Hunt Christmas Sale!!!

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    I just got an email from another one of our Outfitters in Alberta, Canada This is for a 2013 Whitetail/Mule Deer Combo Hunt.

    Rifle Whitetail and Mule Deer Rifle combo (RUT HUNT) 6 day hunt, Meals, accommodations, Guide, Airport pick up and drop off.

    Regular price: $7000.00
    License tags Deer $550.00
    Tax $250.00

    SPECIAL $5000.00
    License tags Deer $550.00
    Tax $250.00

    With this hunt Unlimited Wolf and Coyotes no harvest fees at all with paid hunt!

    50% deposit required. This is an email from the Outfitter to me early this afternoon in regards to an email sent where another client was looking at this hunt:

    I do have a few spots left for peak rut 2013. If he is leaning more to mule deer then 2nd week of Nov or if he is leaning more whitetail 3rd week of November. If he is a single then he would be paired with another hunter however he can pay $1000.00 extra for a one an one. We have been 100% shot opportunity on 150 to 160 muleys for last 4 years and 100% shot opportunities for whitetail for last 10 years on 140 class or better.
    Let me know as quick as you can. I just sent specials to Tracey so it is going out ASAP.


    If you want more info on this hunt PM me your email address and I will get you the info on the Outfitter and more Pics and whatever else you need.


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