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Jan 20, 2014
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Last night I am sitting at the dinner table discussing my first Africa hunting plans with my wife. She asks me " why don't you take a small cooler of king crab or salmon with you on the airplane. I am sure the folks in Africa would love a taste of Alaska." So... That gets me thinking, if it is possible to keep crab frozen for a couple of days, which should be doable with the new coolers and if packed properly. The real question is will they allow it into SA? I realize meat can't go out of SA to US, but what about the other direction? And if it was allowed in the country, and wasn't stolen along the way, or left on the tarmac for days to spoil, how much of a distraction or pain in the a** would it be once it showed up at camp?

Just a little background, the last two hunting trips I have taken out of Alaska I have taken a cooler to bring meat back and rather than just take an empty cooler I took along 15lbs of king crab. First for an outfitter on a Florida Hog hunt and then for my friends on a Wyoming antelope hunt, and it was a huge hit both times. Which is where my wife got the notion to take some along to SA.

Anyway, I haven't done any research on it, thought I might as well just ask....
im sure they would love it .but I doubt you would be allowed .
I know you wouldn't be able to ,out of Australia ....
I suspect the SA rules are just like food imports of non processed nature. Would be a great gesture however if you could do it!
I had a few Culinary Goodies in my Suitcase to share with CT Safaris,,,
Some Coffee
Some Sriracha Sauce
and Some Hot italian Girdanara
Chris likes his food with a little bit of Heat
it wouldnt be a pain in the ass once it was in camp unless it was stinking :sick: i would think travelling with it for that length of time before you got to camp, and worrying if it was thawing and going to be off by the time you got there would be more the pain in the ass for you
I know most folks do not mind a change of pace in a camp that does not have ready access to sea food.
I think hauling a cooler that distance might be pricey.
Price of bringing it there would be a concern. It probably be fine for 2-3 days frozen.

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