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Apr 4, 2012
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Time to open up the books for the 2013 fishing season in Alaska! If any of you folks want a top-of-the-line fishing trip in "The Great Land" I sure hope you come visit us at the lodge in Southeast Alaska. We are based in the tiny village of Pelican and deep sea fish the outlying waters of Chichagof and Yakobi Islands. It is Alaska at its best, fantastic fishing and inspiring Nordic type views with the Fairweather Range looming to the north. You will fish for a combination of King Salmon, Silver Salmon and Halibut. Yes, you'll catch impressive numbers of rock fish, yellow eye, cod and bass in the process as well as pink salmon, but they will all come while we target those three main species. We can handle up to 5 guests comfortably aboard the custom 32 foot fishing vessel and can handle many more at the lodge, but we choose not too. This isn't the typical big money fishing outfit in Alaska. You'll be the only group at the lodge during the week, with all meals provided. Trust me, I know what its like to be treated like cattle at some of these lodges. You get herded into the lodge, then stuffed onto the boat and kicked in the butt when you're time is up, all while some big wig is waving goodbye with your cash in hand. THAT IS NOT THE WAY IT IS HERE! It'll just be you and your family or friends with very personal service and excellent fishing. We will clean and package one 50 pound box of fillets free of charge for you, but any extras will require a nominal fee. The trip to the lodge is fairly simple by Alaska standards. You'll fly Alaska Airlines into Juneau and then take a short bush plane trip into the lodge. You'll have to buy your own fishing license and king stamp but other than that those will basically be the only expenses that aren't covered in the price. Oh, you might think about leaving a little tip for Miss Vicky, she'll be cooking and cleaning for you and she works awfully hard! Anyway if you guys want to have an incredible time and have more questions give me a call. I'll be more than happy to help you in any way I can. :)

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*I almost forgot, we'll be running the boat from May until August, but take my advice and come in AUGUST! There is nothing quite like it, you'll have a good opportunity to catch basically every type of fish possible in that month, plus the weather is usually the best of any month. August is almost magical in Southeast Alaska, but those 4 weeks won't last long so grab them up quickly if you can!*

Bellow are the different trip options for your consideration:

5day stay-2595.00 3 days guided fishing

6 day stay- 3095.00 4 days guided fishing

7 day stay-3595.00 5 days guided fishing

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Hi Larry great offer!

Out of curiosity, which month would you suggest for a chance at one of those big nasty Ling Cod?


Kind of a matter of opinion there Ty. We caught some really nice Lings last August, but I think late May might be just as good or better. May, all in all, is probably my favorite halibut month and usually you can really slam the Ling Cod if you're bottom fishing that time of year....
Thanks Larry.

For one reason or another your last attachment (the big ol' beast) won't open for me. No biggie though...I know what they look like. :)
Do you supply the fishing tackle or would I need to bring mine?

No, we've got everything you'd need to catch fish Ty, just bring yourself and a camera and that's about it...


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