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Dec 30, 2016
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Hi @zephyr

All contestants have been sworn to secrecy. No one can really speak about anything that went on at the Y.O. Ranch just yet. Episodes do begin airing the first of September though, so not too long to wait.

Something I am allowed to say is I ended up having to withdraw from the competition early due to a personal issue. I will be in some of the beginning episodes, but will not be in all of them. I do continue to support the contest, made some great friends while I was there, and plan on being at DSC when they announce the winner. The ladies that were there are all really great people and I am super glad I got to know each of them. I wish every one of them the best of luck and wish they all could be selected as the winner. They all deserve it. I had a great time while I was there. It was very much worth the effort. I hope everyone here will pick their new favorite contestant and cheer them on while the season airs.

I do appreciate all of the support you guys provided during the semi-finals. I know I haven't posted a lot in the past few months, but I do continue to lurk regularly. Between hunting season coming up (I can't wait for dove to open in just a couple of weeks!), a new job, and the personal issue mentioned before it seems like every available moment has been taken with some other priority lately.

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