African hunting from Natal to the Zambesi

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    African hunting from Natal to the Zambesi
    by William Charles Baldwin (1826-1903)

    Harper & Brothers Publishers, New York

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    From 1852

    The following pages, taken from my journals, were written, sometimes in ink, but often in pencil, and gunpowder, tea, etc., in Kaffir kraals or wagon bottoms, and chiefly for a brother's eye, I little thought that they would ever come before the public ; and it is only now, at the earnest solicitations of my friends, and almost promises made to many I left behind me at Natal, who noticed the once short trips grow longer and longer, till, in my last, 2000 miles of an almost unexplored country had been traversed and the Zambesi reached, that I am now induced, with some diffidence, to publish them.
    Conscious that in going ten years back I am necessarily traveling over ground already preoccupied by other sportsmen and travelers, and that the hospitality of my friends in England, and days with the Quorn and Mr. Tailbys, combined with my natural aversion to any set task, have ill fitted me to redeem the monotony inseparable from a journal, or the apparent egotism in that of the lonely traveler, I nevertheless appear before the public with the hope that if again I should return to the land of my adoption, beginning my travels where I have now left off, I may hereafter produce something more worth their perusal.

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