Africa, Country Donates 160 Elephants to Zambia

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    Africa, Country Donates 160 Elephants to Zambia

    The South African Government has donated 160 elephants to Lusenga Plains National Park in Zambia's Kawambwa Disrict.

    Luapula Province Acting Permanent Secretary Clement Siame said the elephants would arrive next week for Lusenga Plains National Park as part of an on going restocking program.

    Speaking at a preparatory meeting for Destination Luapula Tour on Wednesday, Mr Siame said the Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) had given the Park 100 Zebras, 100 Wildebeests and 280 Impalas, as well, to increase the animal population there.

    He said the animal population in park had drastically reduced due to poaching.
    Mr Siame called on ZAWA and Local Authorities in Luapula to ensure that the restocked animals are protected from poaching.

    Meanwhile, preparations for the "Destination Luapula Tour" in the province have reached an advanced stage.

    The three-day event to take place from 28 August would be officiated by Tourism and Natural Resources Minister Michael Kaingu.

    Over 150 local and international tourists are expected to attend the event aimed at promoting the tourism potential in the province.

    The event would be spiced with a culture Night in Mansa, tour to the Kabwelume and Lumangwe water falls in Kawambwa among other sites.
    The tour would also be coupled with Boat Racing at Bangweulu Lake and a beach party at Samfya Beach that would incorporate Traditional Music and Cultural Dances.

    "We expect to host over 150 tourists from outside Luapula during this destination Luapula Tour, who are going to sample the tourism potential here," Mr. Siame said.

    Source: BuaNews

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