Adelino Saws Pires Professional Hunter

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    Adelino Saws Pires, Professional Hunter

    Adelino Saws Pires, Professional Hunter

    Adelino Saws Pires was the most contentious hunters in Mozambique with unusual personality, his relationship with people worked on the basis of the views that each defended. He was (and still is), a front man and full of convictions. Demanded of himself and of his subordinates great discipline and rigor at work, always criticizing those who did not meet these parameters. Disagree with their views was from the outset, a challenge to misunderstanding and that swayed many people away from their path, including some members of the profession. Also it was not easy to your relationship with the colonial authorities, which criticized frequently about abuses of power, discrimination and other social injustice. This caused him, how is it calculated, many inconveniences.

    Pires became very popular not only in the world of hunting as amid the region's tourist and commercial centre of Mozambique. He was connected, among other activities, the family company that was dedicated to trade and agriculture in the regions of Tete and Guro; was a partner Agency of Tourism in the city of Beira, which was one of the pioneers of the tourism industry game in Mozambique as official concessionaire of a coutada and had also granting building of Gorongosa National Park. In the mid-1960s reached its high point in the industry of hunting safaris part of technical direction and administration of the Company's own Safari de Mocambique (SAFRIQUE) until late 1973, when the company decided to close its coutadas due to the action of the guerrillas. In 1974 he directed the safaris of Mozambique Safarilandia, another well-known company tourism game in Mozambique that had the official concession da Coutada number 5 and Zinave National Park, along the banks of the River Save. He fought the contrary by the reactivation of Manica and Sofala coutadas, after 25 April 1974, agreements with local commanders of Frelimo (Frente de Libertacao de Mocambique), but the policy imposed by the new rulers in relation to hunting failed to continue the safaris in Mozambique. Met this man at the start of the hunting season of 1963. This Coutada lies in the region of Guro, approximately 450 kilometres of Beira, where the family Saws Pires possessed a fifth agricultural and commercial shops. Adelino and Joe Smith were the organizers of safari and main tabs of the four elements of the Entourage of the marquises, accompanied by other hunters guides, including Carlos Costa Neves, Luis San.


    The marquises of Villaverde and their companions (the financial Eduardo Aznar and wife Loli), returned the following year for new safari. The Adelino was again one of the main tabs, repeating the success of the previous year. We were again guys this mission and we got a solid friendship as well! The success of these safaris, allied to other equally successful in other coutadas Manica and Sofala, Gaza, Inhambane and involving individuals of high finance, writers, artists, cinema and other famous collectors of trophies, was quickly known virtually around the world. Mozambique has subsequently to be searched by many hunters tourists, especially from Spain and the United States of America. The calendars of the promoters of safaris were filled, with a reservation and more years in advance.

    The Manica and Sofala Coutadas, which at that time had excellent conditions on the quantity and diversity of animals, not possessed, however, infrastructure capable of receiving the avalanche of clients after the safaris of Villaverdes sought to Mozambique. Its dealers were also not capitalized to improve industry safaris. Fortunately, in 1964, at the height of euphoria that industry of safaris crossing, the Banco Nacional Ultramarino (the issuing bank of Mozambique), created the company SAFRIQUE, bringing together the most coutadas Manica and Sofala and its dealers. In good time this initiative came about because it was given a new impetus to this industry. Significant investments were made in the construction and equipping of camps in 9 coutadas concession to the company, opening of stinging and airfields, refurbishment of vehicle fleet, installation of an efficient network of radios transceivers, as well as other enhancements. With these improvements and endowed with excellent professionals, both in the direction and in the hunting guides, the flow of tourists to the hunters coutadas Safrique increased in such a way that the Corporation has select your customers, increasing costs of safaris and establish mandatory minimum duration periods of the same, more favourable financially.


    Adelino Saws Pires, which initially held up to the participation in this project, would eventually join and be part of senior management of Safrique. Apart from technical responsible for organising and supervising safaris, he was the Ambassador-at-large company worldwide, disseminating the potential faunistico their hunting concessions and promoting the safaris. Contributed to the extraordinary success of Safrique, which was considered in the 1960s and 1970s the largest and most well organized company hunting safaris in Africa!

    The policy change that occurred in Mozambique in 1975, with their independence, would mean the end of safaris, however already affected since 1970 by guerrilla action of nationalist FRELIMO (Frente de Libertacao de Mocambique). Adelino and most hunters guides had to leave the country and demanded other African countries where continued its activity. Started by Angola and for about ten years teetering by other countries potential keepers wildlife of interest to collectors and lovers of hunting trophies, in particular, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), South Africa, Kenya, Central African Republic, Sudan, Tanzania and Zaire. Were ten years in succession, jumping from country to country where local policy instability, or other factors, this required.


    For about 25 years connected to industry of safaris met and sought in the best locations of hunting of the African continent and was hunting Guide and host of major figures, as Presidents of the Republic, Astronauts, Aristocrats, financial, politicians, artists and famous Writers. They were years of a life full of emotions and very rewarding by friendships that did and that you have provided, throughout his life, travels and stays in places more sophisticated in the world. Despite being off of safaris for several years, the Adelino continues to participate regularly in the annual game conventions promoted by prestigious organizations, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club and International Professional Hunters Association, that is a member are in constant contact with the world hunting and with their friends and hunting safaris operators around the world

    Of course who lived also moments often sorrowful and risked their own lives because of the thousand and one unexpected situations that happen on the day of the African Bush and hunting. Their own internal wars resulting in African countries where he walked, including Mozambique, dragged him sometimes voluntary or involuntary for critical situations that have caused many sufferings, frustrations and losses. Don't forget also the persecutions and engendered by certain dishonest competitors, that driven by envy and greed harmed on top of safaris and in certain positions achieved at the expense of hard work and money. But the greatest drama of her life was reserved for Mozambique, their land of heart, with the connivance of the Tanzanian authorities. In late August 1984, a few days after completing a successful safari in East Africa, with his friend and former President of France, Giscard d'Estaing and family, were arrested by secret service agents Tanzanians, along with his son Adelino Saws Pires Junior (Tim-Tim), his nephew Charles Arthur (Cashew) and Rui Monteiro, also relative of the family . Pires, which also operated driving safaris in the same country were sent to the capital of Mozambique, tethered and blindfolded. There were jailed apart and kept under permanent interrogations and ill-treatment during almost five months on charges unfounded to be enemies of the people of Mozambique and Tanzania are preparing a coup to overthrow the Government of Mozambique in collusion with the Renamo (Resistencia Nacional Mocambicana), with the CIA, with "terrorists" and Lisbon with Giscard d'Estaing. Old accounts that FRELIMO had with Adelino since the times in which he faced and rebuffed its guerrillas when they attacked the Safrique hunting camps!

    Adelino Saws Pires, Professional Hunter, with former President of France, Valery Giscard d'Estaing

    The book "Winds of Destruction" means that the Adelino wrote recently with the writer & his wife Fiona Capstick, recounts in details of terrifying story, whose epilogue was the return of prisoners to freedom after fierce and permanent intervention of some individuals, Governments and international organisations, in particular the General Ramalho Eanes (then President of Portugal), Valery Giscard d'Estaing, the International Red Cross, Red Crescent, Amnesty International, the international Hunting and Game Conservation officers of the King of Spain, the family Aznar, etc. It was a painful chapter in a long life full of adventures, passions, emotions and also much love of Mozambique.

    Adelino Saws Pires, Professional Hunter, with his wife Fiona Claire Capstick Pires.

    It was a Pires discreet and well-organized,operations never making fanfare of his achievement even when his customers got trophies rare or hard-to-nearest animals including buffalos, elephants, Lions and leopards. He knew well the weeds and feral animals, fruit of a family life linked to interior where the hunted were the favorite pastime and sometimes compulsory when it came to kill dangerous animals attacking rural populations.


    A DESERVED TRIBUTE regarding the publication of its now famous book "Winds of Destruction", whose English version launched in USA in 2001 occurred and the version in Portuguese in Lisbon, in 2002, a group of friends honored on 27 September the writers , Adelino and his wife Fiona Capstick, living in South Africa and were in Portugal from visiting their relatives. More than 50 people gathered with luncheon honorees in Lisbon. The book "Winds of Destruction" (which is also a cry of rebellion, one of the most bitter fleeced of former Portuguese colonies in Africa), is the first document repaired and faithful on tourism game in Mozambique of the colonial era, so that will be part of the annals of the history of wildlife, hunting and hunters of Mozambique.

    Adelino and Fiona are already part of great African Hunting history.

    The Winds of Havoc, Memoir of Adventure and Destruction in Deepest Africa by Adelino Serras ; Fiona Claire Capstick Pires.

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