About the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA)

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    About the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA)


    Mission Statement
    PHASA supports the conservation and ecologically sustainable development and use of natural resources, for the benefit of current and future generations, through the promotion of ethical hunting.

    Aims & Objectives
    • to promote and safeguard the interests and good name of PHASA and its members;
    • to promote and safeguard the hunting profession in South Africa;
    • to promote and participate in the conservation of Africa’s natural resources;
    • to promote and facilitate sustainable hunting as a conservation tool;
    • to promote and facilitate the empowerment of all South Africans wishing to participate in the hunting profession, conservation and related activities;
    • to engage with the national and provincial Governments of the Republic of South Africa and other countries, in all matters affecting professional hunting, conservation and related activities;
    • to collaborate with and assist, wherever possible and to the extent reasonably feasible, all officers of organisations and authorities tasked with the conservation of natural resources;
    • to co-operate with other persons and organisations in Africa and elsewhere having objects similar to those of this Association;
    • to promote and market South Africa as a leading international hunting destination;
    • to co-operate with those (wherever situated) who by business or other circumstances are connected with hunting and to provide opportunities for discussion between them and members of the Association on matters of common interest;
    • to promote adherence to its Code of Conduct by all PHASA members and to sanction members who contravene its Code of Conduct or act contrary to these Aims and Objects or other provisions of the Constitution of the Association;
    • to render assistance to and serve the needs of members of the Association;
    • to render assistance to and serve the needs, wherever possible and to the extent reasonably feasible, of the clientele of PHASA members;
    • to regulate or prohibit, as the case may be, the publication in the Republic of South Africa or elsewhere by members of advertisements, interviews or press releases, that may be contrary to the objects of the Association; and
    • to develop fellowship and cooperation among professional hunters.

    Code of Conduct
    Each member of PHASA shall commit himself, upon acceptance of membership, to this Code of Conduct whereby he:

    • shall promote and observe the Aims and Objects of PHASA, the provisions of the PHASA Constitution and its By-laws;
    • shall obey the laws of any country in which he operates at any time in professional hunting or related activities;
    • shall conduct himself in a manner which will reflect honesty, integrity and morality and shall not allow material gain to supersede such principles;
    • shall respect the natural resources of the country in which he hunts;
    • shall respect the rights and interests of property owners and local communities;
    • shall not misrepresent himself to clients or mislead clients in any way;
    • shall take every reasonable step to ensure that his clients receive the services contracted for, and to ensure their safety, comfort and satisfaction; and
    • shall not act in any manner that brings the good name of PHASA and it’s members into disrepute.

    It is important to make sure that the professional hunter / hunting outfitter you are signing up with is a member of PHASA. In the event difficulties occur, there is very little assistance PHASA can provide if the professional hunter / hunting outfitter is not a PHASA member.

    Affiliations: CIC, Dallas Safari Club, ECGMA, Houston Safari Club, International Professional Hunters’ Association, Krieghoff, SAGA, SATSA, Safari Club International,The Conservation Force, TASA, Wild Sheep Foundation.

    PHASA Conservation & Empowerment Fund
    In 1999, PHASA established a Wildlife Conservation Fund.

    Fund’s Mission
    • Establish a financial resource which will be used to assist PHASA and the professional hunting industry in its efforts to promote and maintain the wise consumptive use of the natural resources of South Africa. The name has been changed to the PHASA Conservation & Empowerment Fund in 2005.

    • Secure the future of professional hunting
    • Fund projects and support key issues vitally important to the professional hunting industry
    • Fund accredited research projects
    • Assist with the funding of provincial nature conservation representatives in their task of regulating the professional hunting industry.

    How it Works
    Funds will be obtained by means of a levy implemented on each animal hunted by an overseas client (US$10 or Euro10 per animal). The client, on completion of the hunt, will pay the levy to the hunting outfitter, who in turn pays the monies over to the Conservation & Empowerment Fund.

    The Fund is currently supported by PHASA members on a voluntary basis.

    PHASA Trophy Medal Programme
    Overseas clients that hunt with PHASA members have the opportunity to enter their trophies for PHASA Medals and Certificates.

    The PHASA Medal Programme, patterned after a similar and highly successful system operating in Namibia, is based on the SCI Methods of Measurement. It was introduced primarily as a way to acknowledge the client’s success in the form of a medal/certificate, which is issued according to the size of the trophy. Clients can qualify for gold, silver or bronze medals that come with attractive certificates that are suitable for framing. Clients that would like to take part in the Programme can check with their hunting outfitter.

    For more information on the Professional Hunters' Association of South Africa (PHASA) visit their website at www.phasa.co.za
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