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If you’ve spent any time researching taxidermy studios, you’ve likely noticed that one of the big selling points is how willing they are to work with you — the client. It makes complete sense – you’re trusting someone with an animal that means a great deal to you, and you have a vision that you’re paying to have brought to life. The best taxidermy is so often a team effort, and the value of client input can’t be overstated. Here’s why.

Your Vision, Our Art

We’ve said before that taxidermy is truly its own art form. Our departments are staffed by artists, and our goal on every project is to finish the hunt. That simply cannot be done without specific and direct input from the client. From preferred poses to scale and landscaping details to anatomy, there is much to be considered. It’s our job to ensure accuracy, realism, and balance; however, the vision as a whole begins with client direction. We want to know exactly what you hope to see when your finished mount is ready. That’s why we’re so committed to communication throughout the entire process – not only are our clients reassured that their skins are in skilled hands, it ensures we’re on the right path.

While working directly with the client is standard here at Animal Artistry, it should be said that some of our clients enjoy a hands-off approach, preferring instead to pass over creative control and wait to be surprised. We follow the lead of our clients, and all that we ask is that our clients let us know their preferred level of involvement in the creative process.

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Getting It Right
It’s our absolute commitment to produce a superior product, and we do just that by listening to you, our client, regarding your exact wishes. While we emphasize quality control, there are times when we simply miss the ball. It’s never intentional, but it has happened. In these rare instances, we ask that you point out even the smallest way in which we missed the mark.

Owner Mike Boyce is committed to constantly raising the bar in the taxidermy industry, and client input is invaluable in doing so. Mistakes can always be rectified, and it improves our business as a whole. We appreciate it deeply when clients let us know their true thoughts. Every trophy we create is an opportunity to shatter expectations, and it’s a job we take very seriously. Your honest feedback contributes to our ability to do our best work.

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