A New Association for Big Game Professional Hunters

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    A New Association for Big Game Professional Hunters

    A new association in France called Association des Guides de Grande Chasse (AGGC) (Association of Big Game Professional Hunters), www.aggc.fr, was just started to bring together the elite of Big Game Professional Hunters. The founding members of this association are Eric Pasanisi, Jean-Pierre Bernon, Jean-Pierre Leroux, Jean-Louis Masson, Mauro Fabris, Robert Athenoux and Yves Courmes.

    With such highly influential and prominent name, this international association is sure to become highly regarded within the hunting industry...

    Big Elephant taken in Selous with PH Eric Pasanisi (left), founding member of Association des Guides de Grande Chasse (AGGC). (Elephant - 83.77 pounds (38 kilograms) & 73.22 inches (2.10 meters))

    A few words by founding member Eric Pasanisi's:

    When the world of Big Game Professional Hunters is very well represented in East Africa and the United States, it is not the same for West Africa and Europe. There are certainly good associations like the Association of Professional Hunters in France (ACP - Association des Chasseurs Professionnels), but they no longer represent the elite of our profession, they have other priorities. The AGGC is for all the great hunting guides who live in this trade, men of value securing the safety of their customers. There will be only one class of guides, professional guides (Big Game Professional Hunters).

    The association will be mainly led by its President and Vice President, it will also have a scientific committee. The world of hunting is very critical and we must always be advised and keep us informed of all developments affecting the "Wildlife".

    To become a member, as with any association, a file will have to be submitted for review by a committee composed of 5 hunting guides who are particularly experienced.

    The association will be very beneficial to big game professional hunters, as they will finally be recognized as true guides.

    The problem of many associations such as the IPHA (International Professional Hunter Association) is that they end up mixing hunting guides, company directors, travel agents, all of them existing in the same class. The real guides lose their identity.

    As for hunters, they will now have a great resource of reference where the guides are true professionals.

    There are many guides who want to join us, the world of big game hunting is a small community. But whatever help we can be provided by specialized media for us to be better known will be welcome.

    Should you be interested in becoming a member of this elite Association des Guides de Grande Chasse (AGGC), contact founding member Eric Pasanisi at the following email address: ericpasanisi@hotmail.com.
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