A glimpse at the 2013 season with CAWA

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    Dear All,

    Hope this e-mail finds you well!

    2013 season in Central African Republic has just ended for CAWA after a succesfull season and I thought you might enjoy to see a glimpse of some of the trophies and moments we have enjoyed and shared this past season.

    CAR has in general had a difficult year as rebels took over the country and a coup shook the capital in March. Most safari companies in the country had to close their season even before starting it due to the turbulence in the northern part of the country. A shame as many of these operators had a great season in front of them. But this resulted in CAWA beeing the only company operating in CAR this past season, and the reason we could still conduct our season is due to the remotness of our areas, located so far away in the east of the country that the turbulence never directly affected us there.

    Even as a the rebels were taking over the capital we had no problem working seeing that the airport was in the secure hands of the french military and our areas were perfectly safe. So we decided to continue with the season and even though we missed out on a couple of hunts in early January due to the air france stopping its flight for a couple of weeks, we still ran from mid january till early may.

    We had unusual amounts of rain this season and it sometime made hunting difficult, but after all, the results still show of great success.

    These photos attached are only a few selected ones and we will soo have our web-site updated with all off the pictures from this past season.

    Security has imporved a lot in the country since a few weeks now and since the new governement has now been recognized by the international comunity, things really seem to improve. We are confident that the next few months will normalize the situation in the country and we are planning to prepare 2014 season already from september as we have some very nice early hunts in mid december 2013 to conduct. Decemebr has proved to be a great month for Bongo and Leopard hunting and we are eager to see the results that will come out from these hunts.

    New for this season has also been our start of the NGO called Chinkoproject (www.chinkoproject.com). This is an initiative taken in order to work on saving the largest and last true wilderness left in central africa. You are welcome to readmore about it on the website and also view some of our amazing cameratrap pictures. The web site is still currently being up-dated and much will change on it this summer, with many hundreds of new amazing pictures that are going to be added from our bongo-study conducted this 2013 season. But the current state still give you the idea of what we want to achieve.

    We will also shortly send out a newsletter about this project and include some of the incredible footage we have gathered.

    So all in all, even though it has been a tough season in the country, we are glad to say we had a great season and remain very positive about the future. The region we are working in remains THE largest and most remote unexplored corner of Africa. The biodiveristy is incredible and the trophy quality is unequaled.

    Looking forward to maybe also see you with us one day in land behind the last frontier. It truly is something most explorers and hunters should live at least once.

    kindest regards,

    Erik Mararv

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    Erik Thanks for posting those are some fantastic photos. Glad You had a Great season and I hope it only gets better.


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    Glad you made it through the season safe and well.

    Stunning pictures, from landscape to those Eland, Bongo and Leopard. Nice selection from the PH list.

    Congratulations to all.
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    Glad you had a great season, especially since the difficulties during this and the last season. AMAZING trophies in CAR.

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