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As a taxidermy studio, Animal Artistry began as a way to share experiences — those of the animal itself, and those of the hunt. Hunting was once essential for survival, with food, shelter, and clothing the fruits of a successful hunt. But for people in much of the world, these necessities have long been accessible without hunting. And that begs the question — why do we still hunt? There are simple answers, but there is a deeper meaning to both the hunt and the trophy.


An Ancient Expression

What is the motivation to spend hours deep in the outdoors, stalking prey, surviving the elements, forgoing creature comforts? For our ancestors, and for some of us still today, the answer is evident in the relics of centuries past. Cave drawings, petroglyphs, totems, and other ancient works of art are evidence of the deep connection our ancestors felt with animals — a connection that was entirely separate from the need for sustenance and survival. There was profound respect and even a sense of kinship, with ancestors taking elements of the hunted animal — feathers, fur, hides, claws — for personal decoration. Then, and now, we have an innate desire to connect with and memorialize the animal nation.

Now, how does taxidermy fit into this mindset?

Authentic, Artistic Taxidermy

An animal trophy should be a celebration of the connection that our ancestors felt and that many of us still recognize. It’s so much more than what the name suggests. Taxidermy is its own form of art, and every piece should be approached with dignity and respect for the life it represents. Authentic, artistic taxidermy shares the stories of the animal and the experience of the hunt. Unfortunately, this dignified storytelling is missing in so many animal trophies created today.

At Animal Artistry, we’ve been committed to creating exceptional taxidermy from the very beginning. There is no production line here, no sloppy assembly, no carelessness. At every step, we are memorializing the animal in a show of respect, admiration, and appreciation. We’re creating the art to which people connect on a deeper level.

It’s a sad truth that many of the people who hunt today have no connection to the wild. It is merely an ego trip, and a trophy is simply part of the bragging rights. But for the hunters in this world who seek a deeper meaning, a more significant connection, we understand. It’s why we’re committed to finishing the hunt, and why we welcome the opportunity to finish yours.

For more information about our approach to taxidermy, contact Animal Artistry today. We look forward to speaking with you.

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