A Bullet In A Bongo Horn In Central African Republic C.A.R.


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Hunting Bongo with dog is always very exciting and some times little bit too much. It was mid April the de decided to go on big plateau just bellow the highest point 2600 ft of the Vovodo river side. We stopped the car at about 500 yards at the first mineral lick we slowly approach by foot a female warthog was there and left the place after 5 minutes. There was some Buffalo track but 2 days hold and Giant Forest Hog but the client had already one so we just went to the next one who along small creek. A big Bongo track from the night we are getting with the team to start the tracking and took us pretty fast out of the first bako and joined the savannah for about a 1 mile. The Bongo was feeding all the way long and enter in another Bako and started doing a lot of loop we are getting closer so we decided to let the dogs go. We didn't continue 10 minutes when the dogs started to bark we took the wind to approach the bongo and it's a big one we are now at about 30 yards of us. The bongo is now 3/4 facing us getting the client position and took the shot the animal break of with the head down. We found some blood and pieces of horn the question now if the bullet went in the bongo and soundly the 2 dogs are barking again we followed the voice but getting because we had an injured animal.
The 2 dogs made an amazing job to block him again but this time in the savanna just in the edge of the bako we approached at 50 yards and the client made a perfect shot and the bongo dropped. It was very emotional for the hunter and the team was super happy we took a closer look at the bongo the first shot was in the horn and only in the horn. We were lucky that the dogs caught again!

We had some trouble to pictures because thousands of bees start to come so we he had to start some fire all around. A big party in the camp arrived in the afternoon

The rifle was 375HH CZ

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The team

Should be able to buff that right out.
Part of the hunt mount as is......
Wonder if the PH said good shot....
Even when you are close it's hard to see very well in the bako where is the shot
I know.....
To me it seems like a good story to tell of the hunt for the client. I would guess he or she would prefer not to have done that, but still an atypical addition to their hunting story. Thanks for sharing.

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