A bad economy Whitetail hunt

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    In these hard times folks are looking for a bargain hunt..

    I have some nice whitetail hunt available at $2500 for 4 days..You get one buck, one doe, and hogs..A nice lodge, you cook for yourself, pool table, TV, stocked kitchen and bath. 8 bunks, very comfortable...

    Non guided but rancher will show you the blinds and he keeps them baited. The bush is real thick. The deer are plenty and usually about in the 125 to 130 class with an ocassional really big buck..wild deer, low fence. He will clean and quarter your animals at $125 each or you can use his clean SS butchering room. Fishing is good for crappie, bass and catfish at a nearby lake on the property..You can bow hunt non game fish btw.

    Turkey in the spring season at $150 per day, hogs year around at $125 per day plus $40. for the lodge.

    Great father son hunt...

    Located near Seymour, Texas.

    Contact me for more details.

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