We maybe pretty close then. Mine is a 26 inch barrel.
Seems like it would probably be the twist that's conferring the MV advantage, not the barrel length. Powders for 9.3x62 are in medium or medium-slow burning groups like Varget, BL-C2, 2000MR, and Big Game.
My CZ 550 in 9.3x62 would be my choice if I had to pick only one rifle for EVERYTHING. My pet load is Norma brass, Remington 9 1/2 primer, 63 grains Big Game powder, and Barnes 286 TSX.

From Eland to Jackal one shot and done. Phenomenal accuracy and devastating penetration and lethality at 2376 fps.
View attachment 5208695 shot group. 62 grains Ramshot Big Game. 286 Gr. Woodleigh RN soft point. Luckily I was well stocked up before they burned down.
I found that 64 grains of Ramshot BG was golden with both 286 gr of standard bullets and 300 gr Swifts. For the 286 gr Barnes TSX, I found CFE 223 works well. I use CCI 200 primers... a "soft" primer. The 9.3 is very forgiving and very accurate. Nice to see yours is the same.
Among other things, the 9.2x62 caliber is good because the brasses for it are easily made from the common 30-06.
I really like them in the 62. They seem to pair just right with that cartridge.
@CM McKenzie
The 35 cal Woodleigh from 225gn to 310gn go well as well.
I have a load that gets the 310s to 2,455fps out of the Whelen that I hope to try on scrub bull in July/ August.
I realize that any 9.3x62 load would work on Whitetail but I'm curious about what you used.

I use the 270 gr Speer for whitetail.
I’ve had great luck with this caliber, accurate, easy to shoot and super effective on all game, from pigs to bison. Plenty of good factory ammo. I’ve had rifles from CZ, Sako and a custom Model 70; now just a Blaser R8 barrel. Brilliant cartridge design; amazing it’s over 100 years old, still going strong.
I have a custom Pre-64, a Husqvarna, and a CZ. All are extremely accurate. I have taken multiple plains game animals in Africa including Kudu. In North America black bear and deer.
Not bad to shoot, ammunition available as of this second and there are a lot of reloading options.
Curious if anyone else is actually measuring H2O capacity for once-fired brass.

With Norma brass, I'm coming in at 5 brass average of 74.3

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