63 and 6/8 inch Kudu bull


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Aug 6, 2009
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We took this very good Kudu bull late afternoon on 10/09/2001 i have seen 3 more in the area i am sure would go 60 inch very good to see we still do have areas in South Africa with monster Kudu.

KUDU 34.jpg
VERY nice kudu for sure. Can you share the hunt story with us?

Thanks Johan, that is exceptional kudu!
Thank you very much. Yes anytime i was hunting my area close to Bloemhof South Africa and did come across some very good Kudu but i was always looking for something bigger, my client had a dream, for many years about a big Kudu but we were not looking for anything like this, just a very good bull.
We then change camps and drove all the way to Zululand , on our first morning we did see some very good bulls but we had 6 more days and we did pass some good Kudu , at one stage i was afraid i am busy shooting myself in the foot. We were hunting in the mountains and the area was not easy to hunt but we kept going. Later the day we took a very good Blesbuck and we took off again after lunch. We drove high into the mountains then we spotted a Kudu and we started to follow on foot. The trees by now is green in this area and does not make hunting easy but the Kudu was feeding and it did help.
At about 3h30 we was very close to the Kudu, about 70 yards at first my client could not see it, but then he spotted the legs and we had him on the Kudu , the Kudu had his horns high up in the trees feeding and did not pay much attention . I could not see the size of the horns and we did move about 10 yards to our right this also gave the client a much better spot to shoot from and then suddenly the Kudu drop his horns to look at us. I could see the tips pointing way forward and that he had huge curls , i got him on the shooting sticks and he took the shot, he dropped the Kudu in it's tracks but i have seen many animals dropped like that just to get up and to take off again. We made it to the Kudu as fast as we could put a back up shot into it just to make sure.Then i looked at the Kudu we took a big one a very big one .
Well he did go 63 and 6/8 . A very good hunt for a very good bull, but the best was that i did see 3 more Kudu that will go this big in this area . Great to know we do have more animals like this we can hunt in the future.
Happy hunting.
If this is what you can bump into during the spring in Zululand!
Congratulations in keeping your feet bullet free Johan.
Very nice trophy!
Nice one !
Great! How much did this one cost?
That is an incredible Kudu! Congrats to you and your client!
Absolutely beautiful bull. Had my son drooling!! OK so I am too. Bruce
Thanks guys sorry i only replay now but was in my hunting area, about the date we took it 10 September 2011 got carried away, just wanted to give you hunters the good news, Yes the other 3 i had seen is still alive. I sell my Kudu for $ 1450.00 and that was the price the hunter paid plus daily rates ,will gladly give anybody his email to talk to him about the hunt.
Thanks again guys it surely was a great hunt and our reward was a very good trophy.
Beautiful trophy! That is the one most hunters hear about but never see! Congratulations!

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