.500 J Rhino bullets wetpack test

Thats rather impressive
Bases on this test I would choose the 570 Grain for the intended purpose. Seems to have similar penetration to the 600 Grain with better expansion.

The 500 Jeffery a magnificent cartridge. Thanks much for the test/demonstration!
Greatest stopping caliber and best bullets in the world.....whats not to like?
Greatest stopping caliber and best bullets in the world.....whats not to like?

Well it’s no 375 H&H so…

Stirring :)

Medium bores bah! Just kidding the 375 H&H is magnificent.
I read that the least distance is 1000 yards to start, but there is a special protocol. I was interested in trying a wonder rifle, but could not get those special pants on. The legs were very tiny and then they wanted me to wear a special hair-doo with a clump in the back, but my hair was too short. I thought all this to shoot a wonder rifle, seems a bit odd to me, but not for me to judge.
Thank you for the informative test. I have watched the videos for both the 500 and 9.3x62 (Two of my favorite rounds). What was the speed on the 570 and 600gr bullets?
Rhino, Raven Rock, and the Bertram guy should all partner up and get some consolidated US distribution going. Rhino must be selling all he can make over there,.....if he came to the USA he would dominate the 375 bore and up rifle bullet market. By by Barnes, Hornady, North Fork.
I mainly shoot 570g TSX's at 2300 fps out of my 500 Jeffery. I have some 570g A-Frames I need to try as well. The Rhino bullets seem to do really well too!

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Is your 22HP still available? If so have the original case?
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Hi Ian, I'm contemplating my first outing, leaving UK via Dubai to Africa, taking rifles as you did.

I presume it went okay for you, would you have done anything differently? Cheers, Richard East Sussex
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Are you still looking for a 375 H&H?