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Oct 3, 2015
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I have debated for a while the need for a .500 caliber pistol since the .480 Ruger did everything I needed. Well I sold the .480 so a .500 was back in play but was it going to be a JRH or Linebaugh? A David Clements built Ruger Bisley in .500 Linebaugh came up on Gunbroker so I bid on it. While I was waiting for it to end a friend on another forum offered to sell me one of his .500s if I didn’t win the auction. Well before it ended I told him I wanted to buy one of the two he offered since it was a Bisley Vaquero built by Linebaugh. I ended up winning the auction too! I picked up the Clements gun and the Linebaugh will be here next week! I figure I could take one of the .500s and the FA .454 to Africa and have it covered up through the really big stuff

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Interested in the
  • JP Sauer 90 Luxus .375 H&H West German with EAW swing mounts and Varix III 2.5-8x40 scope (Euro Model hand rubbed oil, express sights) 99.9%
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The book is still available, I will consider it sold. Personal check is fine. Send me your address.