460 Weatherby Magnum For Sale Price Reduced

sorry about the typo: I meant the kick of the .378WBM, not a 30/340-378. The 30/340-378 weren't made in WG but it sounds like a great LR guns I wouldn't mind owning.
Now we have rehabilitated the cartridge 460 Weatherby Magnum and made enough advertising for it.

@Mark Curry is sure to sell his rifle now !:)
Agreed. All the man wanted to do was sell his rifle, not have a treatise created on the caliber.
Used the same years ago firing a 500 grain bullet at around 3650 FPS.
Severe recoil but a magnificent t rifle especially with the Kahles scope.
Very nice rifle!
500gr at around 3650 fps is going to be a pain in the backside never mind the shoulder.....
makes a 570 gr out the 500 at 2350fps seem inadequate
500gr at around 3650 fps is going to be a pain in the backside never mind the shoulder.....
makes a 570 gr out the 500 at 2350fps seem inadequate

I think you mean 2650 fps
I've been using a .375 H&H and .416 rigby for the big stuff and 240/270 for the plains game. I haven't had a problem with those choices, but I'm collecting German made Weatherbys for the gun cabinet. The .460 is currently missing from the collection. I even have a 22-250 and 30-06 (9 lug). The hunt continues. PS - Roy would disagree with velocity being counterproductive... speed kills. :)
Those German 460s will have either a screw bead Mesquite or African Babinga stoc. Really Cool.
Weren't the Schuler rounds stolen by the Brits after wartime? i.e. Jeffery or Rigby?? 416 and 500?? If I had one made today, I'd call it Schuler! :)
I believe you're right but I would call it the Jeffrey. John Taylor in his book on African rifles said it has immense power, fully capable of any dangerous game in the world.
Oh , my friend has always dreamt of shooting a .460 Weatherby magnum calibre rifle for the last 50 years . Unfortunately , he never got the chance . He is a retired professional hunter , just like myself. He always hoped that he would have a client bring 1 . Unfortunately , that never happened.
He probably also dreams of stepping into the ring with Tyson
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I have one (being completely redone, broke the stock during 2020 so decided to rebuild it all, will post pictures upon completion) but have used it extensively over 22 years. Modern ammo and loads and it is an absolute BEAST of a charge stopper on tusk-less, hippo, buff etc.
I always find it interesting when hunters who fire 500 Jeffrey, 600 Nitro, 550 Magnums refuse to shoot a 460 WBY due to perceived recoil. ;-) ;-) It’s so funny!
On bullet distortion, only one reply…. Hand load and watch out for stupid velocities, you can still get Weatherby performance without having to go bonkers…. If you do that problem solved.
I reckon someone will buy this, but as with many big calibers the “pool” is limited.

My best always.
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Mr. Curry, Is your Weatherby 460 still for sale? I would like to express my interest in your rifle as it suits a particular need I have.

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