46" Cape Eland shot in Namibia June 2011

Very nice, congratulations!!!!!
Charl I can't stop admiring this eland>
All I can say is WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eland measurement

Hi guys, here is my measurement form i received from the official measurer.

C.Kemp Cape Eland 21-07-2011.jpg
The trophy mount looks beautiful too!
Charl I was just looking at the official score sheet trying to figure out who the PH and outfitter.
They were blank, so let me in on this I might just have to go after this ones brother.
Who was the your PH and the outfitter?
Says something about Ravena #977 as a locality.
Ok, I can't find anything on that either.
So, spill the info. :)
Thanks in Advance.
Great Trophy Congrats! Pics are fantastic.
Thanks all for the great comments.


There was no PH or outfitter, i took this one all alone, and the hunting area is our concession we baught, and have an ongoing contract, and for sure there are more big ones, we have shot 9, 40"+ bulls there in the past 3 years, and this is not a fenced in farm, all game move freely in and out, and most farms in that area only have normal low cattle fence. But this farm attracts lots of eland with its vegetation, the co-owner shot a 43" bull 2 years ago, and slaughtered weight, was 460kg, massive! Also, 2 farms from this one, the owner i know well, shot a eland bull this year in july with a client that slaughtered 580kg, so the genes are for sure in the area, and i prever it here, cause its not fenced in, more of a fair chase!
Congratulations!!It is a monster!I have a custom 30-06 which look similar to yours.
They are growing them big up there at Otavi!

All that rain this year must have helped out a lot with the cover and food, or maybe you are getting the corn/maize raiders coming to your place.
Pretty amazing record of trophies for a small area.

Put those steaks on the Braai and enjoy them, you'll have a lot in the freezer.
well i wont say its small area, the farm is 8500ha, so pretty big id say
8500 ha is not small, Apologies for the characterization.
Especially, considering low fence.
So, let me look at this place from satellite, if you will.
GPS coordinates for Google Earth??
Congrats on the low fence hunting area, it's beautiful! Really like photo capturing the warthog running!
Nice geography.

Was that Kudu picture taken from a bow hide?
I really would like to see where all these pictures are from.

Is there a website for the farm?
(ie. How do I go about getting a Eland hunt booked on this farm)
Pics of the kudu was taken off the river bank, which are rocks about 5m high and about 100m away,
i have lots of pics of the farm, there is no website, only on facebook there is a wall that says Namibia Pro Hunting & Fishing. if you would like to hunt there, just talk to me, and ill arrange it for you.

Nambia Hunting 2008 198.jpg
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Charl, I'll have a look at the wall.

Are you an agent? I know you are a part owner of the concession.

I know I can't hunt alone (although I did pass a PH course) so do you PH for me?

Does Namibia Pro Hunting & Fishing have a price list?

How long a booking would you suggest for a Trophy Eland?

When would you suggest the best time for Eland and Kudu in this area?
Baobab suggested that they have a Eland rut hunt. I can not recall when they said it was occurring.
They sent me a price list, as they do not post theirs on the net or web site either.

I am sure there will be lots of interest given the size of that Eland Bull.
Beautiful landscape.
Looks like there should be some Klipspinger bouncing around in those rocks.

So, do you walk and stalk, spot and stalk? I see there are blinds in the rocks.

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