46" Cape Eland shot in Namibia June 2011

Dec 2, 2009
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Hi everyone, id like to share with you, i shot this eland in june this jear, up in Namibia, close to Grootfontein, it measures 46"

Eland Jag Storie P4.jpg
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Charl, incredible spiral.
Congratulations on your success.

What is the story behind the picture?
Great Eland.Share the hunt..ammo..rifle with us.
well i used my custom built 30-06, Zeiss 7x50 Illuminated Reticle, with Norma ammunition in 180gr Nosler Partition, zeroed at 200m, shooting distance was 230m, walking and stalking, heard the eland walk, and waited by a tree for him to walk out into the clearing, and took the shot, he dived forward and ran of into the bush, 1oom from the i found him stone dead
You better go get a lottery ticket today. Or maybe you used up all your luck.
That is a great bull.

Good shooting.
Great to hear that clicking isn't it?!
Have a look under my galleries, i shot 4 bulls while up there, this was the first one,
i got pics from my taxidermist today, so excited, cant wait for it to arrive here end october.
Let me get this straight, you took FOUR Eland bulls on this Safari?
We may need to take your gun away so the Eland can have a chance for a come back in Namibia!
I can not seem to access the photos or your link for some reason.
Feel free to attach them to your next reply here.
Congratulations, Charl !
What a trophy! Aside from the size, it is also an old bull... well done and thanks for sharing.
That is a stellar eland! Congrats on a fine trophy.

Nice bull plus great photo and yes some are luckier that others.
That is exceptional eland, congrats!!!
More pics

Eland Jag Storie P3 C.jpg

here is another pic
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and another pic

and another pic

Eland Jag Storie P12 C.jpg
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Looks pretty good.
Should be fun to fit this one in the house.
Great trophy!!!
Wish I was you!!!

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