.458 Win Mag Rifle Identification?


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Apr 17, 2021
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I appreciate any help I can get identifying this rifle. I would appear to be a Belgian Browning .458 Win Mag? It is stamped .458 B.BLINDEE. I can't seem to find any other rifle photos on the internet similar to it. This one does not have the normal 1-2 crossbolts that are in every other Browning .458 Win Mag I have seen. There is no visible serial number or import markings. There are Belgian proof marks but they are the extent of the markings which are all on one part of the rifle barrel. The rifling looks sharp and the scope is an old 2 3/4X Redfield in excellent condition. Any idea of the make, model or year of manufacture? This is a rifle I just acquired and am looking forward to shooting it. The bolt action is very smooth and all parts of the rifle looks to be in very good condition. It is a very heavy gun with a thick barrel which I would expect from a gun of this caliber. I have attached multiple photos in hopes that someone knows what it is. Thank you for your help.

4-17-2021 10-14-59 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-18-55 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-19-50 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-20-25 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-24-51 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-25-19 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-30-54 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-31-08 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-31-20 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-31-35 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-31-46 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-31-58 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-32-08 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-32-21 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-32-35 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-32-50 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-33-02 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-33-14 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-33-25 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-33-36 PM.png
4-17-2021 10-33-50 PM.png
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Apparently B. Blindee is French for jacketed ball ammo according to the link above. I have seen other rifles so marked.
A custom rifle of average quality workmanship. Might find other ID markings under the wood.


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Apr 17, 2021
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Thank you sir! I think "custom rifle" covers all the bases.

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