.458 Lott recoil is no joke


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Nov 3, 2018
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I had the privilege/ misfortune to fire the 460 with the integrated muzzle brake. 3 quick shots on after the other was enough for me. All 3 connected with the 3 inch target at 25 yards so a charging buff would have been gone. It was with great pleasure I handed it back to the owner.
Recoil is what you would call hows ya father it really gets your attention but the recoil on the 378 with full power 300 grainers is absolutely brutal.
I looked up the .378s recoil on Chuck Hawk’s online recoil table. It is 71 ft lbs! The Lott is 70 lbs. it didn’t have the recoil velocity listed, but I’m sure it’s brutal.

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Jul 28, 2019
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I'm much older than young Forrest Halley, but he may be eminently wiser. He didn't fall for the, "shoot a .375 H and H out of your Lott and see what happens?". See, I may just do that. The OP (who's a PH) stated he did this to create Lott brass long before there was actual Lott brass available to him. What could possibly happen in a strong actioned rifle like my CZ? Anyway, I use a slip on Limbsaver over the factory pad and a Past magnum vest, but then I had too much lop, so I eliminated the Past. I've only shot standing using a sling support with open sights. Ten rounds, 8 on the pie plate in a couple of minutes, and I'm done. I'm sure Forrest can shoot double that? He just can't hit the pie plate at 50yds! Ha! Ha! I'm kidding, I'm sure he's a Lott sniper at 100yds.
You're a funny man! A Lott sniper at 100 yards! Probably not with the limited practice I am getting these days. I've had to scale way back on the big rifle shooting. I haven't even visited "The Businesswoman" since I have been home. She and her sisters sit unloved in the safe.

To be sure, this young man will not shoot over six rounds at a time through her out of respect for both of us. I'm not much of anything after three shots right now I am sure. I have the limitation of express sights to work with as well. I would definitely use the past recoil magnum shield right now.

IIRC the people fire forming Lott brass were doing so with .375/.458 heeled bullets. Not firing .375 down the barrel willy nilly. I might try that if the wolves were closing in and I had to establish a base of fire.

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