416 Ruger, the modern day 450/400 NE

Had a similar experience of a brake on a 338-378 Wby - Thought I blew an eardrum , suffered tonitis for two damned weeks after that little excercise and decided that I WILL NOT hunt with someone using a break again nor have one on any of my rifles. In short if you cannot handle the recoil move to a lesser caliber.
I have both the .375 and .416 Ruger African. Just got the .416 and after working with both of them will decide which to take with me in September. I am having Edwards Recoil Reducer and new pads installed. Leupold VX6 2-12 on the .375 and 1-4 on the .416. Both with QD scope rings.
Hi Phillip,

What QD rings are you using? Have you tested to see if the scope returns close to zero when removed and replaced?

I am experimenting with both the Alaskan Arms and Warn QD rings. Just getting set up and will report at some point on how they work.
Philip would appreciate your report - I would like to use the VXR I have on the Lott at the moment with Leupold QD's on the Alaskan (I will carry either of the two so makes more sense to use the scope as opposed to leaving it in the safe) - Granted will have to check / adjust zero after swap but i can live with that (Have this nifty little laser bore site and if you use it right it makes re-zeroing "easy")......and if all else fails it will be iron's (pretty good ones on the Alaskan) - Not sure if the rings would be re-usable i.e. The bases and rings on the Lott are Leupold so maybe I need to check / use Leupold on the Alaskan as well - they are just a bit difficult to find - Warne much easier to locate and cheaper!!
I have the 375 Ruger Guide Gun and love it! I have a Leupold VX-3 2.5-8X36mm duplex with Alaskan Arms quick detach rings. I have used it on a damage control hunt last December. Used the factory 270gr. load at 2777fps and took a mule deer doe at 150yds, 1-shot complete pass through high shoulder shot. she didn't even take a step. Legs folded underneath her. Now I worked up 2 loads that work very well. I drew a cow elk tag this year and planning to use the 375 Ruger Guide Gun,
Load #1. 78.5grs. of RL-17 behind a 300gr. Nosler Accubond. Getting 3/4" 3-shot group at 100yds. Chronographed at 2590fps.
Load #2. 73.0grs. 0f RL-17 behind a Woodleigh 350gr. PP. getting 1' 3-shot group at 100yds. Chronographed at 2391fps.
Going to sight the 300gr. Accubond load dead on at 200yds. Plugged information in on a ballistic calculator and will be 2.3" high at 100yds. The woodleigh 350gr. PP load is printing 2" lower at 100yds. then the 300gr. Accubond load. So I figured that the 350gr. load would be pretty close to a 100yds. zero. I figured using the 300gr. load on thin skinned game and the 350gr. load for heavier game.
hmmmm "The hunter appears a dandy, armed mostly with too much money and too little character and sanctimonious in describing his or her accomplishment"

Right - leaving that there (You did that on purpose 375 Ruger Fan :sneaky:).

Reasonably good article - one correction Lee do make a factry crimp dies for the 416Ruger (They may actually have stock now as I contacted them about a month ago and they had stock left over from a custom run) , I do not have one as I have to find a local dealer to bring it in (Our postal service have refined the art of striking more than postal delivery sadly) BUT I do roll-crimp using RCBS dies and thus far have not crushed a case and no seating depth changes under recoil so crimp seems OK.

Would love to get my hands on some US propellant though and bring the Ruger to it's full potential - SA Propellant just does not have enough to get it to adveretised or in this case loaded speeds :cry:.
I love my 416 ruger guide gun! I am taking it with me in 4 days for my lion and buff. A few notes though.
1) Take the break off, I did and couldn't tell the difference with it on or off in regards to recoil shooting it off sticks. I replaced it with the weighted thread protector. Now if I need to check zero off a bench I can throw the break on shoot it, then take it back off to do the remainder of my shooting. I absolutely can tell the difference in concussion though. With the break on the people standing next to it get kicked in the head. With it off not bad at all.
2) I wish it was a pound or so heavier and a little bulkier in the stock like my CZ but it fits me nice as I am a short fella myself.
3) the first round sticks when loading. I have no idea why. After its chambered all the rest are smooth as can be. Not really an issue as I don't plan on hunting with an unloaded gun. Like I said every round behind it chambers fine.
4) mag plate is very difficult to open.

aside from the few minor complaints, most of which I think can be sorted out by a gunsmith, great rifle!!! It's very accurate and shoots nice. I will probably buy another in the 375 ruger also. On a side note, I took the scope off using the rings and put it back on. It didn't change the zero one bit with the factory rings.
IMO The .416 Ruger is a fantastic round and for the money, the Guide Gun is a no-nonsense, rugged, strong hunting tool. I love the Idea of producing a caliber that is highly efficient in it's use of powder and putting it in a relatively lightweight and handy gun. I keep looking at them and had considered a .416 Rigby or Remington but the more I look at the Ruger, the more sense it makes as a big brother to my H&H. I don't need a 400 grain bullet doing 2400 fps when one moving 2200 will work just fine.

I have always been a Ruger fan. Now if they would just bring back the Safari Magnum....
Chris I would encourage you to get a Guide Gun. They are great.
I have the Alaskan version of the 416Ruger and I am very happy with it , think the guide version would be even better but that is probably due to me not being a great fan of synthetic but the stock is decent.
I too have an Alaskan in 416 , I shoot a 400g at 2100 , it is a great little rifle , I have Warne QR mounts with a VX3 1.5-5X20
I have the .375 R Alaskan like the shorty when walking trough the bush not catching all the branches .

I load 75,5gr somchem S355
CCI 250 primer
Barnes TSX 300gr
Hornady brass
ft/s 2400

Magic on buff hunted on kwalata wilderness early July 2015

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I just bought a Ruger guide gun in 416 Ruger, & I love it
I took my 416 Alaskan to the range today , to check the open sights for an upcoming back up to a buffallo hunt .

I am really fond of this rifle , it is great to carry in the bush and shoots extremely accurately.
I agree, the 416 REM is a great DG caliber, Ive used it from time to timeand nothing but praise..I helped Geoff at woodleigh design the 450 gr. soft and solid, and field tested it on buffalo..I found the 450 gr. RN perfect for herd shooting and the spitzer a better and tougher all around bullet, and of course the solids work as claimed...It turned out to be my favorite bullet in the 416 Rem and the 404 J..Loce the 40 calibers..
I took the buffalo in my avatar with a Ruger Alaskan in .416 Ruger using 400gr Barnes TSX. A great rifle.
Yes it is a great rifle and round. I have the 416 Ruger Guide Gun and it is one of the rifles I am taking to Zimbabwe his year.

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