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Jan 11, 2022
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I recently found a rifle at a local shop that has peaked my interest. I came across an older (1990s) Winchester Safari Express in 416 Remington Mag. I do have some questions however and was hoping the AH community could help me out.

Firstly it was Mag-na-ported, I’ve never owned or fired a rifle with this system. I hate breaks on rifles, especially large bore rifles, does this system have a similar effect?

Secondly I already have an older Safari Express in 375 H&H. It came with a spare McMillan stock. Am I correct to think the 416 will drop into the stock as well? It would be great to be able to use the stock for two rifles.
I have owned several ported rifles over the years and I believe it helps a bit with muzzle rise but I can't tell if it reduces recoil or not. I have never noticed an increase in report when firing a ported rifle. If I run across a rifle that I like, Mag-Na-Porting is not a deal breaker for me. I have no tolerance for muzzle brakes.
That wouldn't bother me, If I liked the rifle anyway. I have a Magna Port Stalker, and use hearing protection regardless of shooting targets or whitetail hunting. I wore ear plugs every day in Africa, just because.
All good to know. I do like the rifle and its condition, I’m glad to hear that it’s not a deal breaker.
It should drop into your spare stock.

You will hear two stories about the mag-na-port, one side will tell you not to worry the other side will say no go.

Like others have said, I wear electronic ears when hunting. It helps no matter what is on the end of the barrel. It's not a true brake so it will not be as loud as a brake, it just will not be the same as without one.
Magna ports aren't the same as muzzle brakes. Magna ports reduce rise and allow for quicker recovery.... supposedly. As for reduced recoil I've never fired a rifle with magna ports, but on my 44 Rem Mag revolver it does comfortably push the revolver straight into my hand which in turn provides me a quicker return to target sight alignment, for quicker follow up shots on animals, if needed.

A big bore rifle with a magna port, would be interesting to see how the rifle shoots/reacts. But yes I would buy a rifle with a magna port if I was interested in it.
Magna porting is awesome...as soon as you have the barrel trimmed to remove it. I understand it's not (technically) a barrel brake. But it won't help the hearing of anyone else in the hunting party either.

If the price is reasonable to you, buy it. Seeing as I'm not likely to become a PH or tracker in this lifetime...feel free to use it on safari. Otherwise cut the barrel to remove the porting and have a new front sight installed.
Thanks for everyone’s input, some very good points made. For some reason I hadn’t thought about shortening the barrel. The rifle is a really nice early example. If the ports were annoying but everything else was great why not chop it.
we have a 375 with magaporting on my wifes 375. It helps on the muzzle rise, shoe has shot my sako and her's and says the recoil is about the same, the muzzle rise on the sako is bigger. It is a little louder but not much than a normal barrel. Magaported barrel wouldn't be a deal breaker. DO HATE BRAKES though.

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