404 Jeffery vs 375 Holland & Holland

A valid point and something Ive considered. I may drop one of the leverguns out of the battery, OR mebbe the 06. It will largely depend on what my daughter is most comfortable with. But I def am taking at least one levergun, just becasue. Damn the paperwork/fees/ammo It a friggin Safari and I'm going half way across the world and spending a bunch of money to do it, Im not about to leave something behind that Id like to use becasue of additional paperwork :D

Hi and welcome. I like a man who has principles and is willing to suffer for them! You're quite right, it's your party, bring what you feel comfortable with. As for the 2 gun-rule, that would be per hunter, as far as I know, so between your daughter and you 4 rifles should not be a problem. I hope you have a great time, and please post stories (details please, not just "It was great, and we shot lots of game") and photos when you come back. I can't wait to go on my first safari myself. BTW, I have the CZ 550 in .375 H&H and love it, but the .404 Jeff... well, I would be very tempted.
Hello mtcraigco,

Glad to see that you booked with Chris Troskie Safaris! You should have a great hunt. Chris and Sabina will treat you well!

The planning that you are doing now is a large part of the fun of such an adventure! And for gun people, picking the right gun and bullet load builds up the experience! In both Limpopo and Natal, the .375 H&H with 300 grain TSX and R-15 loaded to 2570 fps, worked well for me for everything from impala to zebra. On a subsequent trip, I used a .458 Lott for buffalo (and a Kudu) with the .375 as a second rifle and for plains game. I think either of the two lever actions you mention would be great in the bush veldt, also, but i would want something that shoots a little farther/flatter for parts of Sabrisa (and Natal if you are going there) as there is the potential for longer shots since there are some mountains both places so I, personally, would not take just the Marlins. I did seriously considered taking my Guide Gun in .45-70 the 1st trip as a second gun and may at some point for a hunt in the Limpopo thornbush. That said, the .30-06 or .300 Mag will do anything you need for your plains game hunt. And, the .404 will be a great caliber in the thick stuff and still reach out if you need to! I like two holes in an animal when I shoot it! You will have a blast sorting this out!

Look forward to hearing about your hunt! I hope you and your daughter have the best of times on you first of many hunts in Africa!



PS. It's hard to go to Africa just once!
Looks like Im gonna have to do two guns only. Daughter is not 18 yet so I have to bring em both in, so probly go with the 404 and a 30-06 ( mebbe 270) for her.
We'll keep the lever guns for hog huntin

Have reloading supplies inbound for the 404 already, lookin to pick one up from CZ during/right after the SCI vegas show

And thanks for the replies and comments, Ill be posting lots of pics and stories when we get back
cz do a lovely little rifle in one of my favourite calibres 9.3x62. i think it would be perfect for your daughter, as my son used mine three years ago when he was nine to shoot his sable. with this rifle she will be able to take most animals in africa and america. its great on pigs, or should i say hogs.
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... a lovely little rifle in .....9.3x62. i think it would be perfect for your daughter,......with this rifle she will be able to take most animals in africa and america.

A "lovely little 9,3x62" can be a punishing thing for a girl..... a .30-06 also can take the most animals....


Id go with the muzzle brake, practice with it, use ear protection, then take it off at the end of each and fire a few rounds off hand..Do this over a period or time and soon you will just leave the brake off and the recoil won't bother you..I did this over two or three time in my life because after not shooting in Idaho weather for all winter, I had to use this method to get back in recoil shape..It worked for 60 years.
Relax and enjoy your South African hunt. Do not make things too complicated. Take an 06 and a 375 and you both will be happy hunters your first trip. Wait for future African ones to fine tune what you may like. There will be future safaris I assure you. I have been going annually for fifty years. Kindest Regards
I was thinking married and 7 months along with a “lockdown baby” on the way lol

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Is this rifle sold? If not what is the weight of it and do you know if there is enough difference in diameter between the 35W and the 9.3 to allow for a rebore to a 9.3x62 which is what I am after?
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