.404 Jeffery - To Scope or Not to Scope?

Hello all,
I am in need of some advice regarding my optics options for a BRNO 602 chambered in .404 Jeffery that I have acquired. I am preparing to hunt for Cape Buffalo, most likely in 2025, and would like to hear what those with experience have to say. I have no dangerous game experience, and this is the largest caliber I own, having previously shot a little with a .375 H&H, and a lot with a 9.3x62. Both are topped with variable scopes.

First Option - The rifle came with an AHR quick release mount that will hold a Trijicon SRO (or RMR), so I purchased one to fit. Slick setup, works well. Does anyone run with a similar setup exclusively on their own dangerous game rifle?

Second Option - I have a Meopta 6 power fixed scope that I really like, clear glass, rugged, oodles of magnification for the .404. I would mount this in QD mounts, in conjunction with the SRO. The thinking being that I could perhaps stretch the legs of the .404 and go after a plains game animal or two once the Buffalo hunt was over.

Third Option - I have also looked into the purchase of a quality 1-4, or 1-6 scope, something illuminated with suitable eye relief. I am looking at a used Zeiss Victory HT 1-4, and a used Leupold VX6 HD 1-6 (available funds will dictate, blue collar budget). This could be the dedicated optic, or also in conjunction with my SRO.

What works for you guys that have hunted the Dangerous ones with a .404 Jeffery?
If you don't scope it you will give up a lot of shot opportunities. In your case since you already have a set of the AHR quick release mounts get another set for a scope in the 1-4 or 1-6 range. I have a Schmidt & Bender 1.25 - 4 x 20 on my M98 404J in Talley QD rings plus express sights on the quarter rib. However, even better than that would be that Trijicon red dot as a backup sight and aslo for fast follow up work should it be required. I'm at an age where I cannot use open sights anymore.

For the scope I do prefer First Focal plane & illuminated but thats up to you - I believe the Europeans got it right, the magnified reticle when you need it speeds sight acquisition. Even better is the illuminated Swarovski Circle Dot which to me just draws your eye to the centre dot & is so fast at acquiring the target. Alas not made anymore - still available but the new Z6 & Z8 Swaros are all SFP.
To clarify: When I measured the eye relief for the 404 Jeffery I'm building, I used a steel ruler, holding it against the scope with end against my BROW. As a said earlier, my eyes are very deep set and I have a prominent brow. I estimate the ACTUAL eye relief between lens of the scope and lens of my eye must be at least 3.5" which is about average for rifle scopes ... except scout scopes.

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