375's and up: How important is blued/wood vs stainless/synthetic to you for Africa?

What is your personal preference for taking a 375+ to Africa?

  • Blued/wood all the way, don't compromise

  • Blued/wood might be preferred but I wouldn't pass up a good deal

  • Indifferent or Stainless/synthetic preferred

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Oct 6, 2015
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Australia, New Zealand, Zimbabwe & Namibia
I digress Its about wood blued vs S/S.

Someone said they are happy with the Rem SPS, Bugga, they were on the menu under a grand in Australia some 5-6 years back from Cleavers and I didn’t know I needed one at the time. Sadly if I grabbed a synthetic version I’d have been searching for a timber stock and there goes the budget on that budget rifle.


CBH I happen to have a Rem 700 SPS 375H&H action I will be selling in the near future. Have a barrel of your own desire put on it and a wood stock. Could be the cheapest way to get a 375H&H with a wood stock. If you are interested send me PM.

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Hello...could you please pm me regarding what species available on this fly-camp offer....can cape buffalo be taken for instance..? Trophy prices..?
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hi Mr fowler

im happy to do these deals for 2021

i will knock off 10% off each deal if you take 2 so $18000 per package

look forward to your response

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Ellwood Epps has 1 box of 25-20 in stock. Look them up on the web. They are located in Orilla Ontario.