375 H&H Ammo/Bullets & Grizzly Stik Arrows/Broadheads For Sale

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Mar 6, 2016
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I recently picked up this LH Sako AV .375 H&H (NOT FOR SALE) from an older fellow who had medical issues and needed to move this on. I didn't really have the money for it, but decided to help him out and we struck a deal. Now I need to offset the cost to get a scope and the bullets I want for it so I can use it! Also willing to consider trades for scope and Peregrine .375 bullets. Thinking a 2-7x scope on this but open to ideas

36 rounds of Hornady heavy magnum 300gr interlock ammo- $125 plus shipping. (I no longer shoot factory ammo in any of my rifles)

one 50ct box of Barnes 235gr TSX bullets $45 plus shipping

one 50ct box of 250gr Sierra Game King bullets $40 plus shipping

Also have-
6 pack of Grizzly Stik Momentum TDT 240 arrows. These are cut 28.5" BOP to nock, have the grizzly 70gr insert/collar epoxied in and weight 425gr with nocks. They have only been shot a few times at a block target only as I quickly found I needed to add a heavier insert for my setup (resulting in the purchase of more arrows) There are some light marks on the vanes from the biscuit rest but otherwise as new with the exception of needing nocks (I needed them for testing different types under high stress.) With all the installed options it cost $145 for these, Selling for $100 plus shipping due to being slightly used and lack of nocks

7 Grizzly stik Samurai 200gr broadheads- factory seconds. These are all new, as they came from the factory. They last sold out on Grizzly Stick for $25 ea- I'd like to sell the lot for $125 plus shipping but would sell separately for $20ea plus shipping

6 70gr grizzly insert/collar for Momentum TDT 400 shafts $15

11 70gr grizzly insert/collar for Momentum TDT 240 shafts- 6 new, 5 have hot melt on them $25
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Haven't sold stuff in a while so if I'm off on pricing, feel free to make an offer- worst that will happen is we don't make a deal and move on.
The 240 spine arrows are for what draw weight? My draw is 28 inches exactly so the 28.5s would work well I think ?
The 240 spine arrows are for what draw weight? My draw is 28 inches exactly so the 28.5s would work well I think ?
They should work great for 60-70lb bows but may work ok up to 80lb. Would be a bit stiff for under 60. Sounds like the length would be fine
I'll include shipping in the current pricing if that helps
.375 ammo and Sierra bullets are sold, everything else available. Open to trades and offers
Willing to trade the .375 Barnes bullets for Peregrine .375 bullets, 145-155gr .284/7mm bullets or 6.8 western brass.
Also have a box of the Hornady 6.5mm GMX 140gr flat tip (euro style) bullets I'd trade for the previously mentioned items as well.
The 240 spine arrows are for what draw weight? My draw is 28 inches exactly so the 28.5s would work well I think ?
Just to follow up and give people more info on this. With these tapered high FOC arrows, what draw weight they work for depends on what you are planning to use for insert/broadhead weight. With these particular ones, having the Grizzly inserts, if you wanted to shoot 300+gr broadheads they should be fine for 55-60lb. If you want to use 200gr +/- broadheads they will work for 65-70lb. If you only want to shoot 100-150gr broadheads, they should be stiff enough for 80-85lb. Obviously there is some overlap between these where it could go either way, but this is how it works with these arrows. You have more options if you hotmelt the inserts in and use the adjustable weight system or other insert options for them. I didn't plan very well and had them epoxied in when I had already selected the broadhead I wanted to use, which these were too stiff for. Ended up getting the exact same thing, but no inserts, used heavier stainless ones hot melted in, and for my setup, got what I needed.
Will sell arrows, broadheads and 240 inserts together as a package, shipped Conus for $215 (would be $360+shipping if bought from grizzly)
Last drop $175 plus shipping for the package- less than 50% of retail. Again, arrows were only shot on a block target a handful of times before realizing I needed more insert weight for my setup. Broadheads are factory new. Need the funds for another project.
Good luck with your new rifle! If you end up not liking it I'm looking for a 375 LH Sako.

I don't think this will be going anywhere, barring bad luck rearing it's ugly head..... There is news with this rifle which will be posted in a week or two.
Someone must need some hard hitting arrows and broadheads.....
Good luck with your new rifle! If you end up not liking it I'm looking for a 375 LH Sako.

See the link below for the story why this likely won't be going anywhere. Oddly enough, the guy I got it from would have been a short ride for you!
I always like seeing good looking correct hand rifles especially in 375 H&H!
See the link above for what I did to improve this rifle, as well as another correct hand beauty!

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