.375 H&H, 260gr Accubonds

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    I went to the range today with the remainder of my box of Accubonds. I only bought these to start with shooting my new Model 70. I've no hunting experience with these and don't know anyone who does. But that's what was on the shelf from Nosler and as I say these were for practice and getting used to the gun. Well for giggles I loaded up 3 different powder weights for each of two powders, IMR 4064 and RL15 using the Nosler manual.

    I then shot 5 round groups, firing the rounds not necessarily in quick fashion, but consecutively with no cooling time. All the groups but one grouped fairly well with for some reason there always being one round that made the group go from quite good to fairly good.

    The one group that was pretty poor was the RL15 at 73gr, the maximum in the Nosler manual. Oddly enough the best group was the RL15 at 71gr. This group measured 1.15 inches from center to center of the furthest holes. Drop the one "flyer" and that measurement reduced to 0.84 inches.

    These rounds were loaded in Remington brass and used Remington 9 1/2M primers. These shots were at 100 yards using a variable scope set at 10x.

    Just thought I'd share this.

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