.350 Griffin & Howe - looking for load data

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by DonT, Dec 3, 2017.

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    Good Day,

    I have recently acquired a double rifle made by Jules Bury in this caliber and it came with a quantity of brass and some 200 & 225 bullets. I found one load by PO Ackley which shows using 88.0 gr.s IMR 4350 with a 250 grain bullet but I would like to try and find some other load suggestions that might be a little more fun to shoot in a light double rifle for plinking.

    If anyone else is shooting this cartridge I would love to hear from you.


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    I have not worked with the .350 G&H but have a .358 Norma.
    Since the .350 G&H is just a necked down .375 H&H we can reasonably assume that their capacities are similar.
    The Barnes #3 manual lists the case capacity of the .358 Norma as 87.57 gn of water and the .375 H&H as 96.37 gn of water.
    The Nosler #8 manual says the capacity of the .358 with a 250 gn bullet seated is 78.0 gn and the .375 with a 300 gn bullet seated is 78.5 gn. From these two sources it seems reasonable to conclude that the .350 G&H and .358 Norma have very similar capacities with the G&H having a bit more with a bullet seated. One could easily weigh a fired G&H case before & after filling water to confirm.
    If it were my project I would try a medium burning-rate powder, like IMR4064 and use starting loads for the .358 Norma. The Hornady #7 manual lists about 57 gn of 4064 for 200 gn or 250 gn bullets. I am no handloading guru and encourage skepticism. Don't take my word for it, consult other sources and make your own decisions.

    Having blown primers with PO Ackley's starting loads I would avoid his data like the plague. The load you mentioned (88 gn of IMR4350) is at least 15 gn over what I would consider maximum in the .358 Norma and very much doubt if more than 80 gn would fit in the case. I think it is a typo.

    I have an image of an old G&H advertisement which says their ammunition was loaded with a 275 gn bullet at 2441 fps. Who knows if anything else will shoot anywhere near where the sights are pointing.


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