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Aug 29, 2023
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Sold my 338 WM and am sticking with my 340 Wby going forward so no use for the ammo I stored over the years. List is as follows:

3 250 grain rounds Nosler Partition Safari Grade + 17 1x brass
21 225 grain Accubond federal premium big game + 19 1x brass
54 250 grain Nosler partition federal premium big game + 6 1x brass
31 225 grain Superformance Hornady + 9 1x brass
8 boxes (160 rounds) of handloads for components only. They have load cards inside them but I did not do the loading. I used them for target practice and didn't have any issues but am selling them as components only for safety and liability.

Would like to sell as one lot. Let's try $650 to your door. Not looking for trades right now.

Cross listed elsewhere, so first PM or comment get's priority.

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Opening up to trades, 458 Lott, 458 Win, 300/330 Dakota, 340 Weatherby, 378 Weatherby, 300 RUM, 3006, 270, 284, 6mm Rem, 264 Win.
is that ammo or rifles or ??? thanks
Ammo! Definitely don't need anymore rifles these days, trying to thin the heard on that front.
Quantity update and price drop.

58 250 grain Nosler Partition Federal Premium factory loads
168 rounds of 200 and 268 grain reloads with load data cards
14 225 Accubond Federal Premium factor loaded
31 225 grain Hornady SST Superformance factory loads

60+ 1x brass. Some nickel plated some brass. All in great shape.

Total of 103 rounds of premium plus 168 rounds of reload.

Let's try $450 shipped to your door.
Would like to move this. Let's try $320 shipped. I think this is a screaming deal but the market dictates the price...

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