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No doubt some have already seen this but I just saw this today and wanted to put it out there for those looking. Did a quick search and believe this price may be on the high end, but just barely. I’m not familiar with the Leslie Taylor era they mention, I’m guessing it may be significant pertaining value. I’m sure a member can enlighten me on this. Seems like a good opportunity to get a hold of an iconic rifle.


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Lord only knows what sort of side mount was intended for those receiver holes. The first of the three is placed in a particularly bad location. It clearly was not intended for a Griffin & Howe side mount. My WR .318 takedown has a period G&H mount with quite different hole spacing. The stock has about as much drop as one will ever see on one of these (unlike what the description suggests) which would make using a scope somewhat challenging however it was mounted.

All that said, and assuming the bore is in good shape, that actually is not a bad price even with the additional ventilation on the side of the action.
"minimal stock drop"! Uh huh. Right. Hate those holes in the side. Otherwise a pretty rifle. I could never get over the Swiss cheese though.
Looked at this awhile ago. It’s a rechnagel or EAW side mount pattern. Ugly as sin compared to a G&H and more like a Paul Jaeger.

braze screws. polish it flush. Reblack the gun. Start over with claw or pivot mounts.
Chatted a bit with a few gunsmiths on this one. It's sort of a basket case.

Missing the original bolt. (fine original bolt with a horn nob is gone)
Replacement bolt inletted into the stock.
EAW sidemount or other missing. Holes plugged.
Stock has heavy drop at heel and comb...iron sights only.
Short length of pull due to original butt plate having been chopped.
Top of action drilled and tapped for scope. If scope mounts are added, they will obstruct the iron sights entirely.
Safety shroud replaced.

What can be done?

Leave the unoriginal bolt alone.
Replace the safety shroud with a mod-70 side safety. (for low scope use) ($350)
Custom Mannlicher front-side claw base (to avoid sight interference) and rear german claw base. ($2000 job)
Ultra low straight tube scope ($1600)
Fill the screw holes from the old side safety and reblack. ($500)
You may need to forge/bend the bolt knob to clear the scope ($250)

In the end, you've got a $4250 gun with $4750 in work done to it and it still has a mismatched, non original bolt, safety, and is short stocked. So $9000 into the gun, you have a gun worth $5000 at the end of the journey.

On the cheap, what could you do? You could plug the screws and reblack for $500 and replace the safety with an original for $150. All-in, you'll be at $5000 for an unoriginal gun that is short stocked with a mismatched bolt and the gun is worth $3500.

The less you do, the less you lose. The problem is that the gun as-is right now should be $2800 but its $4250.
Thanks for the info. It’s unfortunate when any firearm gets butchered. There’s a wealth of knowledge on this forum.
Bolt and safety flag didn’t look original to me either... There is a 318 Fraser Velox takedown on RIA right now - foreend looks like a mismatch - possible that it originally had two barrel options...
Still kicking myself for selling a beautiful WR in 7x57 many years ago. Probably told the sad tale here before, but for those that missed it. Local guy advertised in the local sellers paper in Seattle around mid 1980's that he had the rifle for sale for $500. Called him up, met the guy in a parking lot next to my uncles business, ( he didn't know that), and he drags this gorgeous WR out of the trunk of his car. Well dressed, professional looking fellow, older than me, just wanted to get rid of this rifle for some reason. I bought it, shot it for a couple years, then put it for sale again at $1000 and thought I would be mobbed! I sold it to very knowledgeable guy and never saw it again.
I went to Botswana shortly after that and was telling my PH about it, and he nearly hit me for my stupidity!
Like I said, still kicking myself...
It's got some warts, but sounds like it has a good bore - which is the real rarity on the older 318's
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