308 Win or 9.3x62 Mauser for Plains Game Hunt

9,3x62..... because you do not know what comes around the corner next.
Especially in Africa, it can become uncomfortably..... so be prepared for the worst.... 9,3x62

I know this is an old thread so I am begging your pardons but this thread begs for the words of the Highlander. In Africa “there can be only one” the 9.3x62. Especially if it is in a Mauser.
... or Mannlicher-Schoenauer ;)

I like my 9.3x62. 250gr Accubonds make it flatter shooting than the classic ~285gr load. That would be my choice.

Scummy when are you going to reakize the 35 Whelen shoots 250gr flatter than the 9.3 and the 275gn 35 cal has a higher Sd than the 9.3 plus shoots faster and flatter.
Wake up and smell the 35 cal rose's mate and stop being disillusioned with that 9.3 metric stuff. You are a flippin Englishman mate that should embrace imperial calibers not this metric rubbish mate.
I thinks that warm English beer is affecting your thinking ol son.
Any currently-produced rifle caliber propelling a bullet of decent SD, weighing 160 grains or more, and leaving the muzzle at 2,000 fps or over will be perfectly suited to take plains game. It's fun to geek out on the perfect caliber (hint: it's the .375 :cool: ), but in reality if the ballistics meet a sensible minimum and you know your and your rifle's capabilities and limitations, you'll be fine.
If you you’re only taking one, 9.3. If you take both, you still have to make the same decision every day.
Ah Bob, you just don't see how good the 9.3x62 actually is... and it shoots bigger, heavier bullets...
A millpoofteenth bigger and 10 grains heavier.
I can get the 310s motoring at 2,455fps out of the Whelen.
The 9.3 is pretty good tho.
I've taken a .308W on one trip and a 9.3x62 on another to South Africa. Both work very well. If Eland+ is on your list take the 9.3.. Otherwise take the one you shoot the best and start practising from different shooting positions and different ranges.
At one point I had two CZ's in 9.3x62, a rifle with 23.6" barrel and the full-length-stock model with 20" barrel. I shot four loads in both of them--two factory and two handloads--to compare muzzle velocities. There was very little difference, and in fact one load was a little faster in the shorter barrel. Don't ask me why.

I feel less recoil in the 9.3x62 than from the .338, when both are loaded with 250-grain bullets to about the same muzzle velocity of 2650 fps in my rifles. There are two reasons for this: Less powder and less muzzle pressure in the 9.3x62, which translates into less "rocket effect" added to recoil. The difference isn't huge, but to me it's there, and probably could be demonstrated on some sort of machine. Certainly rifle weight and stock design will have their effect as well.

I have used my 9.3x62 rifle on African plains game of the sort you're talking about to 300 yards with very fine results.
... You can put more than one rifle on a 4457...

I would advise against this. If you ever decide to take only one rifle overseas, having another rifle on the 4457 could raise complications.

On the same trip to CBP, it is just as easy to have them sign and validate two forms instead of just one.

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