2013 Levergun Safari

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    Those of you who are familiar with our operation will know that we specialize in exclusive safaris i.e. our clients are not expected to share camps with other hunters unless specifically arranged/requested otherwise and that we (my wife and I) are present during all the safaris that we host. Whilst this policy of Chris Troskie Safaris limits the number of clients we can host each year, it gives our clients the peace of mind that we will be there to listen and attend to any issues that may arise during their time with us and it has been a primary reason for our growing success as safari company over the years.

    For the past 8 years; Chris Troskie Safaris has been hosting an annual "Levergun Safari". This is the only "group hunt" that we host and also the only safari that is advertised as such. Although this event started out as a hunt for lever action rifle and handgun enthusiasts, it has always been open to anyone with a dream to hunt Africa - whether his/her preferred hunting weapon is a handgun, rifle or bow... This year we had 6 clients over for the annual "Levergun Safari" and one of our clients even hunted buffalo with his lever action rifle (as reported by member crshelton earlier this year).

    Well, we've set dates for next year's safari and the first AH member that books this hunt will qualify for an additional 10% discount on the plains game trophy fees advertised on our website.

    This hunt will take place between June 8th and June 16th, 2013. I.e. Arrival on June 8th, Hunt June 9th thru June 15th and depart on June 16th.

    We charge $150p/p for the arrival day on this 7 day hunt and the Daily Rates pricing (2X1) for our annual Levergun Safari is based on the number of clients that book the hunt (max 6) and is as follows:

    5 - 6 Clients - $325p/d
    3 4 Clients - $350p/d
    2 Clients - $375p/d
    1 Client - $450p/d

    So far we have 4 clients who have committed, so the first AH member that takes us up on this offer will pay Daily Rates of $325 per day PLUS get 10% off on our standard Trophy Fees.

    The hunt will be hosted on one of our Limpopo Province concessions which is approximately 4 hour's drive from Johannesburg - close to the Botswana border. A comfortable (if not luxurious) hunting lodge will be used for accommodations and Daily Rates covers all the usuals such as road transportation, accommodations, meals, beverages, PH, Trackers, Skinners and Camp Staff.

    Any AH member interested in taking us up on this offer should please PM me for more details or to secure your booking. As the 10% discount on trophy fees is only valid for AH members I have to receive your enquiry via Private Message and not regular email. This is to authenticate that you are indeed an AH member so if you're not - no better time than to sign up now!

    Please note that the discount offer is only valid for the first AH member who contacts me and secures his hunt by means of a signed hunt contract and deposit.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


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