2013 End of Season Hunting Special Limpopo Minimum 2 x Hunter 2 x Observers per group

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    Limpopo South Africa
    South Africa Zimbabwe Mozambique
    $300.00 1 x Hunter 1 x PH per day
    $280.00 2 x Hunter 1 x PH per day

    $000.00 Airport pick up Polokwane per group
    $700.00 Airport pick up OR Tambo JHB to Limpopo per group

    $1500.00 1 x Kudu Bull 1 x Kudu Cow
    $350.00 1 x Impala Male 1 x Impala female
    $850.00 1 x Blue Wildebeest Bull 1 x Blue Wildebeest Cow
    $1850.00 1 x Waterbuck Bull 1 x Waterbuck cow
    $350.00 Bushpig Male or Female
    $250.00 Warthog Male
    $500.00 Bushbuck Male
    $450.00 Mountain Reedbuck Male
    $900.00 Klipspringer Male
    $80.00 Baboon Exportable
    $00.00 Non Exportable
    $1500.00 Sharps Greysbuck Male
    $1600.00 Nyala Bull
    $700.00 Red Hartebeest Bull

    01. Service of a Licensed Professional Hunter
    02. The service of trained trackers
    03. The service of trained skinners
    04. Hunting vehicle
    05. Field preparation of trophies
    06. Accommodation, meals and soft drinks as well as beer and wine in moderation
    07. Daily laundry service

    01. All air travel before and after the contracted period of the Safari
    02. Accommodation and travel charges incurred before and after the contracted period of the Safari
    03. Transfer by road from international airports to camp
    04. Trophy fees for animals taken or wounded
    05. All air charters
    06. Gratuities to Professional hunters and other staff members
    07. Preparation, packing, documentation and export of trophies
    08. Rifle hire and ammunition

    LBG Safaris (15).jpg DSCF4927.JPG LBG Safaris (17).jpg LBG Safaris (12).jpg LBG Safaris (32).jpg LBG Safaris Greysbuck (11).jpg LBG Safaris (14).jpg Kudu Bull LBG Safaris.jpg LBG Safaris (8).jpg LBG Safaris (16).jpg DSCF4956.jpg

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    I just returned a few weeks ago from hunting with Bossie for my first Safari. I was truly impressed with his operation and with his knowledge that he provides. The Limpopo Area that we hunted was amazing. The amount of quality animals that we saw daily was hard to believe. I was after Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Kudu and Warthog. I was able to fulfill my expectations with Quality animals. I have never hunted so hard and have never had a guide work as hard as Bossie does. His family ran the whole operation. Everyone is on the same page and striving to give the client the best possible care they can provide. The food was amazing. Since this was my first safari I was egger to try all the species that I hunted. All I can say is "WOW"! These animals are much better than any animal we have here in the states. The open fire every night was great and the great stories we shared were even better. After leaving Africa I have gained so much respect for what these operations do. I知 very glad I was fortunate to be able have this opportunity and cant wait to reserve my next spot with LBG Safaris.

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