1982 M70 Stainless Classic 300 H&H & FN Winchester M70 Safari Express .375 H&H For Sale

Thanks again sierraone!!! Can’t wait to get the rifle !!
Hi Clayton, I know which rifle you are talking about since I sold it to you, but it is not one of these. The one you bought is another thread!! Unless now, you would like to buy my M70 stainless .300 HH or the M70 Safari Express .375 HH. I will be more than happy to make it happen!!!
Haha... my mistake..
I read the title 300 and assumed it was the proper one. My mistake..
but That .375 is mighty nice looking.. hummm can’t I convince the wife I need another rifle??
Haha... my mistake..
I read the title 300 and assumed it was the proper one. My mistake..
but That .375 is mighty nice looking.. hummm can’t I convince the wife I need another rifle??
I promise that I will not tell your wife......or anyone else without your permission!
@ScottB, @Bullthrower338 has been able to dig up where M70 serial numbers started over in 1990 with G15000. I do not understand how or where he came up with this, but I trust him at his word. Based on this my rifle for sale could have been made after 1990. I will still be trying to find further info with the Winchester Owners Association after a couple of days on the road starting tomorrow.
Anyone possibly interested in buying this rifle....there is now the possibility that it was made in 92 or even later instead of 82 as I originally posted. I don't know that this would make a difference, but at least now we know....maybe!

"Classic" M70 actions were not made until the late 80's at the earliest, and then only in blue. Stainless M70 were not made until the early to mid 90's.
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This rifle is a new old stock rifle in the box. The rifle has not been fired to my knowledge. The chamber and bolt face are new clean. The rifle came with Burris scope rings and bases, so I cannot guarantee there has never been a scope mounted, but there is no indication of it. The rings are in the box for the next owner to do with as he wishes. There are no signs on the stock or barrel that it has even been to a range let alone hunted with.
Asking $1100.

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The above rifle is a 1982 M70 Stainless Classic. It started life as a 3006 and sometime in the past was re chambered to 300 H&H. This is a controlled feed rifle. It has a Burris E 1 3 x 9 scope mounted. I obtained the rifle as a result of an estate sale. There is no indication that the rifle had ever been shot and positively never hunted. I took the rifle to the range to check the feed and ejection since it had been re chambered at some point. I fired 13 rounds of factory Hornady 300 H&H 180 grain Inter Bond through it with no malfunctions feeding or ejecting. I did not zero the scope.
Asking $1300.

These two rifles are on consignment with:
John Douglas
Wildman Arms
25502 I-30 North
Bryant, Arkansas
Phone 501-213-0195
wildmanoutfitters@gmail.com or contact me on this thread or PM
Model 70 Stainless is SOLD
@Clayton d ...About ready for that #1 .275? Taking offers with or without scope when you're ready. It's awfully lonely and needs a home!
M70 .375 HH has SOLD pending transfer of funds

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