1917 Winchester .375 Mag - long story

The M1917 Enfield bolt action is well suited for such longer cartridges. I also own a rifle caliber 300 H&H Magnum that was built in Germany in 1964 with such an action. Rifles caliber 416 Rigby were built with it shortly after WWII when Mauser Magnum actions were in short supply and A-Square used the previous bolt action system Pattern 1914 Enfield.
I have a 1917 enfield action for a long mag and a P14 for a rimmed cartridge. Thinking a 348 win based cartridge. Not much machining.

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Come from cz like that.
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Goat416 welcome to the forum ,youve got some great pics and Im sure trophy's
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Would you consider selling just the Barnes 235's and 250g TTSX's?
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Spain, i booked through a consultant, i book almost everything through him now and he's done me right. his contact 724 986 7206 if interested and he will have more info to share,