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Jan 27, 2015
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I bought this about 14 years ago and other than a few practice sessions it has barely been used.

Essentially, you can swap out the barrel on a 10/22, load one of the arrows in (twist it slightly) and using one of the blanks provided, you have an arrow gun. The arrow goes impressively fast, I never actually timed it.

But I am selling the whole kit.

1 barrel (.920 diameter)
11 arrows
180ish blanks

There is a slight blemish on the barrel (see picture), but it has pretty much been a safe queen.

Asking 150.00 and that includes shipping. Accepting PayPal and Zelle.


We seem to have an issue

After my asking you about it's availability I received the following message.

From: bafoyo4859
You can reach the seller via his gmail bellow for fast response. He gave me his number the last time I contacted him concerning his listen for sale



I made contact with Brick John and agreed to a purchase price of $150 plus $50 shipping. This was all before I realized you had sent a message in response.

I should have realized it was a scam but just thought you should know as well.

Oh no! Did you send him the money?

This scammed are getting bad, it is ridiculous.

I actually got scammed by a guy the other day for 150 dollars on another site. It sucks man.
I'm out $150 plus $50 for S&H. $200 total. They made it sound as if I was talking to you on a private E-Mail. I should have known but I did not listen to my gut and It was an expensive lesson.
Living the Dream.

Your saying that the first buyer is backing out and you are willing to sell this for $120 including shipping. Sounds almost to go to be true. You understand my fear at this point.
Sorry to hear that.

I got ripped off for 150 on inreach, things were going great until I got the message that the insurance to ship it was another 100 dollars. I was like damn, I just got ripped off.
Yes sir. This is exactly what I was thinking. However, the scanner has found a way to access this forum thread and pose as you. This is the email message message I received, supposedly from you.

Hey man it’s me , livingthedream on the African forum
I’m sorry about what that scammer did to you claiming he was me
The other buyer step down after hearing what scammer did to you and i understand him point of view For that case I’ll take $120 shipped to you
Just for the lost
What’s your shipping address ?

I responded on the forum and again, he was able to again read my response from this thread. Whom ever this is it would appear that he has a great deal off hacked access to this thread and most likely the Africa Hunting site. This needs to be reported to the site administer. I am very sorry this has involved you at all.

Please accept my appologies.

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