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  1. Animal Artistry

    Taxidermy Special On Shoulder Mounts For The 2020 North American Hunting Season

    The longer this pandemic goes on, the more negative economic consequences it has on all of us: I’m feeling it, my friends are feeling it, as well as our clients and employees—none of us are immune. And here comes hunting season. Some folks have been waiting for years and finally draw tags that...
  2. Kowas Adventure Safaris

    Jagd Afrikanisches Safari Paket $5,500

    Jagd Afrikanisches Safari Paket $5,500 Inbegriffen: Ankunftstag 7x Jagdtage Abreisetag Kudu / Oryx / Springbuck / Blauer Gnusse ODER Rot Hartebeest MEHR TROPHIES KÖNNEN HINZUFÜGEN Abholung und Rückkehr vom Flughafen Windhoek International Straßentransport Unterkunft Mahlzeiten Professionelle...