nyala hunting


    Best Of The Best Hunting Package - Buffalo, Sable, Roan, Kudu & Nyala US$20,000

    BEST OF THE BEST PACKAGE DEAL 2 of these available for 2020 $20 000 ALL INCLUSIVE This package deal includes the following trophies - 1 Buffalo bull - 1 sable bull - 1 Roan bull - 1 kudu bull - 1 nyala bull can be done with bow or rifle The...

    Father & Son Plainsgame Trophy Package Hunt Eastern Cape

    Dear AH Members, Seeing that Rance Safaris is a new sponsor, we would like to offer its members a special Father and Son Plainsgame Trophy Package Special for the year 2020. We are passionate about the next generation of hunters and strongly believe that families who hunt together stay...
  3. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Hunt Offer Spiral Horn Slam 2019 & 2020

    We are pleased to announce that we have secured some new hunting areas that will be used as a secondary base camp. We simply felt that in order to get better, and consistently offer better quality on our animals, we simply had to expand our horizons. We will only offer two of the following...
  4. Mark Berndt

    SOUTH AFRICA: Cape Buffalo Safari

    I made my first South African Safari in May 2016 and took 7 animals. I had studied the Perfect Shot 2 pictures for proper shot placement. I had a great time but that sparked my interest in Cape Buffalo. I had told JD Safaris that I may be interested in a Cape Buffalo hunt in 2017. JD said it...
  5. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Nyala, Kudu & Bushbuck Hunting Package 2017

    We are offering the following hunt package for 2017. Observers are welcome to join at $120 per night. Extra hunter may join and hunt 2x1, at $200 per night. Should you wish to swap out any of the animals, please do not hesitate to discuss it with us, and we will be happy to do substitutions...
  6. KMG Hunting Safaris

    Eastern Cape Nyala Bull Hunt Package

    We are offering the following 2016 Nyala hunt package either as a 7 or 10 day hunt for the rest of 2016. Should you wish to upgrade your safari to a 10 day hunt, add $550 to the day fees. Outfitter: Marius Goosen T/A KMG Hunting Safaris Outfitter number: HC 04/2013 EC PH Number: PH 16/2013 EC...