lord derby eland

  1. pigsticker

    Can Eland forms be used interchangeably?

    Taxidermy question... I shot a Lord Derby (Giant) Eland and want to have it mounted on a floor pedestal. There are very few forms for this specific species available. Anybody have experience using a common/cape eland form? I can't see a major difference between the shape of the two species. It...
  2. Lord Derby (aka Giant) Eland

    Lord Derby (aka Giant) Eland

  3. Philip Glass

    CAMEROON: Cameroon Savanna Hunting Safari

    Cameroon Savanna Safari As with any great adventure this one was long in the planning. I booked my Lord Derby Eland hunt with The Hunting Consortium at SCI last year. Plans were made for me to hunt with Faro Coron Safaris in Cameroon on the Faro River. The only thing about using an agent is...